Asia Says Grace with HBO

A new horror series is getting ready to make its way to the Far East via HBO Asia, and we have your first details right here faster than you can say "Grace." Well... honestly, you did say that pretty quickly, but we were a bit faster. Doesn't matter though as everyone wins.

Sony Says Grace

Sony Pictures has announced that they've acquired the rights to Grace, another flick in the teen tormented by an ungodly force and we don't mean Justin Bieber and his piss-bucket wiles.

Desperate Housewives Star Maiara Walsh Ready to Say Grace

There's no doubt about it; Maiara Walsh has a smile so incredible it can light up a room. That's nice and all, but around here we're more interested in seeing her scream, and that's just what she will be doing in the latest ghostly indie flick, Grace.

Indie Horror Month: Paul Solet's Five Favorite Independent Horror Films

I was first introduced to writer/director Paul Solet through another indie genre director, Adam Green, who was serving as producer on Solet’s feature film debut, Grace, which premiered at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival in 2009.

Paul Solet Talks Horror Acting

One of the things we love so much about the Internet is that it enables people to have a voice all their own. One that can be shared throughout an entire community ... especially if said community is the horror one, which out here in Cali is a lot smaller of a circle than you'd think.

Watch the Grace Short Film Right Now with Commentary

One of the only complaints we had with the latest DVD and Blu-ray release of Grace (review here) was that the original six-minute short film that started it all was nowhere to be found in either package (unless of course you went and got the Best Buy exclusive). Talk about a glaring omission. Thankfully the horror community is small yet strong, and we know how to right some wrongs!

In LA? Get a Copy of Grace Signed TODAY!

In LA and need to get your hands on a copy of Grace (review here) on Blu-ray or DVD? Better yet ... need to get one and have it signed? Once again Dark Delicacies is the place to be!

DVD Releases: Sept 15, 2009: Dark Shadows Grace a Deadgirl's Misery of Fear Itself

A true bounty of goods await those who have a few extra dollars to spend on DVDs this week what with Grace, Deadgirl, and (can you believe it?) Phantasm II finally hitting the home market, An American Werewolf in London and Army of Darkness bowing on Blu-ray, and NBC's Fear Itself anthology series getting released in its entirety. And that's just the beginning!

Grace (Blu-ray / DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Jordan Ladd, Stephen Park, Gabrielle Rose, Samantha Ferris, Malcolm Stewart Directed by Paul Solet Distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment

Grace DVD and Blu-ray Details

Everyone's favorite baby with unusual eating habits is coming home on September 15th, and we've got the word on what you can expect from this little bundle of terror!

See Grace in New York and LA

Finally fans in two of the country's most happening cities are going to get their chance to see Grace the way it was meant to be seen ... up on the big screen and dripping with disturbing chunks of after-birth!

Grace Heads to Theatres

Finally some news we've been waiting for has come! Paul Solet's disturbing little film Grace will be getting a theatrical release. Proof positive that there is justice in this world! Variety reports that Anchor Bay will be releasing the film in both New York and LA on on August 14th. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a wider release soon! Synopsis

Motion Picture Purgatory: Grace

Grace is a film that we've covered extensively here at Dread Central with interviews, news updates, and reviews (check out the film's database here). But of course no coverage is complete without hearing from our resident curmudgeon, Rick Trembles.

Grace Coming to DVD and Blu In September

Good news out of the Anchor Bay driven Grace camp - the controversial little film that everyone has been screaming (and fainting) about will be hitting DVD and Blu-ray hi-def on September 15th with lots of bonus features to sift through upon delivery!

Grace Screening Highlight Reel

To add to our coverage of the Grace screening at USC, a highlight reel of the event showcasing a good deal of audience reaction has surfaced, and it is just begging to be seen!