Gold Circle Films

Gold Circle's Remake of Murk Getting a Rewrite

Ah, remakes. So much tinkering. Such little interest in preserving what made the original films they're based upon good in the first place. Sadly that's usually the situation, but we can always hope for the best, right?

Kevin Costner Thriller, The New Daughter, Opens Tomorrow

Remember when Kevin Coster was considered by Hollywood to be a huge box office draw? No? Well it's true. And even if Costner's star appeal is on the decline, I'm still surprised to hear his new thriller, The New Daughter, is getting an extremely limited release. Tomorrow.

Ti West to Direct Haunting Follow-Up

It seems as if ghosts are once again riding high on Hollyweird's agenda because the haunting news just keeps on coming! We're gonna need an old priest and a young priest -- STAT!

First Look at The 4th Kind

The first image from Olatunde Osunsanmi’s The 4th Kind has shown up online today, showing off the film’s star, Mila Jovovich, looking curious. Curious about what it’s like to love a Butane? What lady isn't?

Deadgirl Duo to Remake Murk

Gold Circle Films has tapped the writing/directing duo behind Deadgirl (review) to update the Danish thriller Murk (Mørke) according to THR. Marcel Sarmiento & Gadi Harel will both write and direct the Murk update, which sounds like it’ll be another polarizing film for the team.

Berdejo Talks New Daughter

I don’t know what it is, but for some reason the more I hear about Luis Berdejo’s The New Daughter, the more anxious I am to see it. Normally a supernatural movie with Kevin Coster would do nothing for me at all, but this one just keeps showing promise.

Death at Sea in Mills' Inside Passage

Gold Circle Films, which has been known for producing some duds (White Noise 2) and some under-appreciated classics (Slither) in its time, has just nabbed a new script that will hopefully appeal to us genre freaks. It’s called Inside Passage and was penned by Jonathan W.C. Mills (pictured).

Producer Talks Haunting

Just the other day we gave you the first news on a new ghost movie in the works called A Haunting in Connecticut (read the story here). The tale revolves around the supposedly true story of a family forced to move into a small house near their sickly child’s medical treatment facility who are tormented by spirits for their troubles.

Madsen Haunts Connecticut

Damn Connecticut. As if their super-rich residents and high-priced foofoo salons weren’t enough, now they have to have dark histories and supernatural events. Aren’t they ever satisfied?