SXSW 2014: First Wave Lineup Includes Predestination, Creep, Open Windows, The Raid 2, Penny Dreadful, and Lots More

The 2014 SXSW "Film Features Program" includes 115 titles, and along with the previously announced zombie culture documentary Doc of the Dead, there's a lot for the horror crowd...

No Foolin' - King Kong vs. Godzilla and King Kong Escapes Will Be on Blu-ray April 1st

The headline says it all. Expect more and more classic Godzilla titles to find their way to Blu-ray in the coming months as the May release of the big budget American reboot approaches.

More New Godzilla Collectible Images

There's no doubt that the upcoming return of Godzilla is going to bring us a throng of cool collectibles, and right now we have another couple of looks at one of them. Dig on these new full-body peeks at the radioactive beast!

Kraken Releasing Godzilla's Battles with the Smog Monster, the Sea Monster, and Gigan on Blu-ray this Summer

This isn’t at all surprising. With a new Godzilla coming this May, we can probably expect to see quite a few of the King of the Monsters’ classic conflicts finally get the Blu-ray treatment.

Legendary Announces Godzilla Prequel Graphic Novel - Godzilla: Awakening

Can't wait to see the King of the Monsters return to the big screen on May 16th? Then read on for the details of Legendary's announcement of the all-new graphic novel Godzilla: Awakening, on sale May 7th.

Video Interview - Bryan Cranston Talks Godzilla

Entertainment Tonight Canada caught up with actor Bryan Cranston regarding his role in the upcoming blockbuster, Godzilla, and through the wondrous power of YouTube and an eagle-eyed viewer we have the entire segment right here for you.

Another Look at the New Godzilla

There's no doubt that the upcoming return of Godzilla is going to bring us a throng of cool collectibles, and right now we have another look at one of them. Here's a full-body peek at the new radioactive beast!

New Japanese Godzilla Art to Gawk At

The good folks over at Godzilla Movies just scored themselves a look at some theatrical banners and artwork for the upcoming return of Godzilla which is gearing up to start stomping our way. Check it out and look for more soon!

First Look at Running Press' Godzilla Sticker Book/Toy Combo

Okay, before you go throwing a hissy fit regarding the look of this latest Godzilla collectible, know this... it's for a children's sticker book/toy combo from publisher Running Press. Not exactly the figure we wanted to see first, but alas...

Japan Doing Something Special for Godzilla's Birthday

1954. 2014. 60 years of giant monster destruction. As far as we're concerned, we are forever in debt to Japan for unleashing Godzilla on the world way back when. The creature has become an icon in every sense of the word, and his home country is prepping something big.

Incredible Godzilla 2014 Fan Sculpt

Wanna see something completely badass? Artist Chan Takashi has created a sculpt of his vision of Legendary Pictures' Godzilla 2014, and it's right in line with what we've seen of the beast thus far. Great stuff, Chan. Just wow!

Godzilla Figures Reveal Look of Both Godzilla and Possibly His Nemesis Muto

You'd be hard pressed to find another site that has brought you more news concerning Legendary Pictures' Godzilla than we have. And today? Well today we have one hell of a gem for you!

Japanese TV Spot for Godzilla Stomps In

Legendary Pictures' teaser trailers for Godzilla have kept us in a state of absolute and total giant monster movie bliss for over 24 hours, and the goodies keep right on coming. On tap right now is the first Japanese TV spot for the film. So good!

Ken Watanabe Featured in Japanese Godzilla Teaser Trailer

Our friends over in Japan got their own version of the recently released teaser trailer for Legendary Pictures' Godzilla, and though mostly the same, the international cut features a moment with Ken Watanabe. Dig it!

The Godzilla Teaser Trailer Is HERE! WATCH NOW!

No more virals (though we're sure dozens will be showing up). No more bootlegged videos that get removed as fast as they appear. This is our moment, G-fans. The first official trailer for Legendary Pictures' Godzilla has arrived. Check it out... again and again and again...