Godzilla To Take On His Most Vicious Opponent Yet... FEMA!

With just one of Godzilla's mighty feet possessing the destructive power to completely level an entire home (or two... three maybe?), you have to wonder just where all the displaced surviving folks will end up! FEMA to the rescue! Check out this new behind-the-scenes still!

Prepare Yourself for this Latest Behind-the-Scenes Still from Godzilla

Legendary Pictures released a sensible new behind-the-scenes still from the Canadian set of their now filming take on Godzilla. Why's it sensible, you ask? Well, if you had a giant-sized radioactive lizard stomping around, it may be a good idea to gear up a bit!

Classic Godzilla Actor Akira Takarada Has a Birthday Party to Remember in New Jersey

The legendary Japanese actor Akira Takarada recently had a birthday party he'll never forget during New Jersey's Chiller Theatre convention, and some footage from it made its way online. Watch it and just try not to smile.

Godzilla and Pacific Rim Inspiring J.J. Abrams to Go Forward with Cloverfield 2?

Thanks to movies like Pacific Rim and of course Godzilla, it seems as if projects featuring giant monsters are on the upswing; and as far as we're concerned, that's a pretty awesome thing. Know who else thinks it's awesome? Director J.J. Abrams.

See the Aftermath of Godzilla's Rampage

Legendary Pictures released a new behind-the-scenes still from the Canadian set of their now filming take on Godzilla. From the looks of it, it's pretty apparent that Big G has been gloriously busy! Check it out!

Good Morning Godzilla - Casting News! Revolutionary Sound Mix! Nuclear Panic!

In our never-ending quest to bring you every single bit of news possible regarding the now filming Legendary Pictures take on Godzilla, we have come up with three tidbits of news for you! Read on for details.

Good Morning Godzilla - Smoldering New Stills

More images of destruction have come our way from the set of the now filming Godzilla, and we've sifted through the rubble and brought you the goodies right here. Check them out, and as always look for more soon!

Good Morning Godzilla - Godzilla Stomping Toward Kids

Another day, another entry in our recently named ongoing feature... Good Morning Godzilla. So what have we come up with this time? Well, it sounds as if Godzilla is readying himself to stomp on some children as some casting notes have arrived.

Good Morning Godzilla - Destruction Reigns in New Video

Fire, smoke, and wrecked vehicles. Yep, Godzilla has been busy up in Canada, and we are tracking him every step of the way. Strap in, kids; it's time for another look at Big G's path of destruction. Dig it!

Good Morning Godzilla - Legendary Pictures CEO Thomas Tull Speaks; More Behind-the-Scenes Images

Things are cookin' just fine on the set of Legendary Pictures' new take on Godzilla, and we have new goodies for you to check out! In this installment of GMG we have excerpts of an interview with Legendary Pictures CEO Thomas Tull and even more images!

When it Comes to Monsters Size DOES Matter

Ever wonder how some of your favorite monsters would stack up against others size-wise? How much taller is Godzilla than, say, a T-Rex? How big is King Kong in comparison to both? Godzilla fought King Kong in Japan so they're about the same size, right? Wrong! Read on!

Good Morning Godzilla - Jump into a New Video and Quick Casting News

And the cast for Legendary Pictures' installment in the long and storied Godzilla franchise continues to fill out as two more have joined the fold of folks who will hopefully either be incinerated via atomic breath or crushed under uber-scaly foot.

Good Morning Godzilla: More Behind-the-Scenes Madness

Ah, yes. We've been working overtime to find you the goods on the now filming Godzilla because we want to make sure you don't miss a damned thing! On tap right now is another image gallery of goodies. Dig it!

Guillermo del Toro Talks Pacific Rim 2 and Possible Godzilla Crossover Film

Please forgive me if there are any typos here on display as it's kind of hard to type over the height of my Nerd Boner of Possibility™. That being said... think about this... Pacific Rim and Godzilla are both properties of Legendary Pictures. Both feature giant monsters. What if....

Godzilla Cast Grows by One

Another actor has joined the cast of Legendary Pictures' Godzilla, and we have the skinny on who's gonna be standing tall in the face of carnage caused by a gigantic fire-breathing behemoth.