Godzilla Facebook Page Offers Pacific Rim Related Advice

The official Godzilla Facebook page has some advice for those of you going to go see Pacific Rim this weekend - "When you go see Pacific Rim this weekend, be sure to stay until the final credits roll. There's something waiting to surprise you..."

Good Morning Godzilla - Godzilla Plot Point Confirmed

Dread Central reader Avery G just sent in an image of an article from a Hawaiian newspaper confirming the start of Japan's horrors with Godzilla. As expected, the real world event we heard the writers were talking about is indeed a tsunami.

Hawaii Sees Better Days in New Godzilla Set Video

Godzilla has wrecked one of the beaches found in Hawaii, and if you're hankering to see the damage, check out this latest video from the set of Legendary Pictures' now filming monster mash!

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Talks Godzilla

One of the stars of Legendary Pictures' Godzilla had a chance to sit down with Total Film to discuss working on this beast of a movie. Read on for what he had to say, and look for more from Godzilla super soon!

Godzilla Goes Viral with the Godzilla Encounter Website

Just in time for Comic-Con comes a new viral website in promotion of Legendary Pictures' new take on Godzilla, and we've got the first bits of goodness fresh, hot, and on tap for ya! Check it out NOW!

Good Morning Godzilla - The Air Force Lands on Oahu

We've spied another new behind-the-scenes still from Legendary Pictures' now shooting Godzilla, this one showing off... well... the headline pretty much explains it, no? Look for more... much more... from this flick soon!

G-Fest Celebrates 20 Years of Giant Monster Love in Illinois July 12-14

Fans of Godzilla and giant Japanese monsters will be converging on Rosemont, IL, this weekend, July 12-14, for G-Fest XX! From the folks behind G-Fan Magazine, G-Fest will bring together thousands of fans of city-smashing beasties!

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Godzilla Leaves His Mark

With Godzilla stomping his way to Comic-Con this year, Big G has already left his mark on Downtown San Diego. That's right, kids, some camera-happy locals have brought the world the first look at his path of destruction!

Good Morning Godzilla - Enter the Hot Zone

Another week is here, and even though it's Monday, there's still a good reason to be smiling. Why, you ask? Because that means we're closer to the release of Legendary Pictures' Godzilla. Why not celebrate with a new behind-the-scenes still?

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Horror on the Menu for Day Three (July 20th) Includes Godzilla, Bates Motel, True Blood, Hunger Games, Dead Rising 3, and More!

There's always one day during the SDCC when you just shake your head, laugh, and say, "This schedule is ridiculous." Saturday, July 20th, is shaping up to be that day this year.

Good Morning Godzilla! Godzilla vs. City Bus - Bet You Cannot Guess Who Wins!

Hopefully you've all returned from celebrating Independence Day with all five fingers and toes. One thing's for certain: You DO NOT want to meet the same fate as this city bus. Hell, you don't want to meet the same fate as this entire city block!

Good Morning Godzilla - Things Get Hot in Canada

One of the things that annoyed us more than anything in the last American Godzilla flick was the fact that the Iguana-Chicken looking thing didn't even have the common friggin' courtesy to breathe fire. This doesn't seen to be the case with Legendary's new film.

Good Morning Godzilla - Behind-the-Scenes Potpourri

On tap right now are several new paparazzi pics from the set of Legendary Pictures' Godzilla. Full disclosure - not a whole hell of a lot here that we haven't seen before, but hey! What the hell, right?

Good Morning Godzilla - The Military Flies The Unfriendly Skies

Alrighty, so the ground offensive isn't exactly going great for the military. I mean... that's just what happens when you're fighting a gigantic monster. The probability of getting crushed is pretty damned high! Maybe the troops in the air will fare better?

Good Morning Godzilla - First On-Set Look at Elizabeth Olsen

Could there be a better way to cap off the news week than seeing just how wet Godzilla star Elizabeth Olsen can get? What? You dirty perverts! Not like that. That'd be cool, too, but get your minds out of the gutters for a second, will ya? (Then put it back.)