New Trailer for Gingerclown 3D Has a Few New Tricks

Another new trailer for the latest horror comedy coming our way, Gingerclown 3D, is home to a couple of new bits of never before seen footage, though after you watch it that may not necessarily apply anymore. Funny how things work sometimes.

New Gingerclown 3D Trailer Makes Good

A new trailer has come forth for the latest horror comedy coming our way, Gingerclown 3D, and it is about 1,000 times better than the first one that we got. Check it out!

New Gingerclown 3D Poster, Sneak Peek, and Videos with Sean Young & Lance Henriksen

The folks behind Gingerclown 3D have released a slew of new goodies for the flick, including a poster, a special "Halloween Sneak Peek", and behind-the-scenes videos with co-stars Sean Young and Lance Henriksen.

Gingerclown 3D Trailer Comes Up Short

Some trailers entice you to see the movie. Some tell too much. Some tell you nothing at all. And some ... well, some just kind of suck. Case in point: the very disappointing first official trailer for Gingerclown 3D.

Tim Curry Clowning Around Again in New Gingerclown Teaser Trailers

With Tim Curry voicing the titular Gingerclown and the combination of Brad Dourif, Lance Henriksen, Michael Winslow, and Sean Young providing voices to characters named “Worm Creature, “Braineater”, “Stomachcrumble”, and “Nelly the Spider Woman”, this is one killer clown flick that’s all but guaranteed to be good even if it turns out bad. And now writer/director/producer Balázs Hatvani has sent over word of new teaser trailers for his monstrous 3D clown flick; consider this a downpayment on the full trailer slated to premiere on the web at the end of the month.

Gingerclown 3D Ready to Scare the Laughs Out of You!

Suffer from Coulrophobia? Then do yourself a favor ... step back five feet from your monitor, turn around slowly and carefully, and run screaming from the room never to come back. Go ahead, we'll wait. Still with us? Good! Movierockets Entertainment is now in production on the first English speaking 3D movie out of Hungary, a horror comedy entitled Gingerclown.