Gallo Off Giallo?

According to a new story on the NY Daily News, Vincent Gallo is making his departure from the next Dario Argento film, Giallo, despite how similar his last name is to the title.

Screenwriter Talks Giallo, Gothic

Imagine it, if you will; you’re a screenwriter, working with a buddy trying to get something, anything, picked up, preferably by someone you respect. Then, suddenly, before you know it, you’re having discussions with both John Carpenter and Dario Argento.

Argento Goes Giallo

Though I’ve still not heard a lot of good about Dario Argento’s latest film, the much anticipated finale to his Mothers trilogy, The Mother of Tears, and I really hated the last few movies he’s done outside of Masters of Horror, I’m always willing to give that crazy Italian another chance.