The Giallo Returns to London's FrightFest with the Blood-Soaked Short Yellow

The giallo film has been away for way too long. And because of that fact this news makes me happy. So if you're one of those lucky sods who'll be at London's Film4 FrightFest this weekend, you'll have an opportunity to dig on this promising throwback thriller.

MattFini's Halloween Top 10 Lists: Top 10 Gialli

Yesterday’s list of overlooked slasher flicks got me thinking about their European cousin, the giallo. Sure, most gialli were cranked out before the slasher craze was under way, but it’s hard to ignore the similarities: knife-wielding, black-gloved lunatics, tragic prologues often used establish our killer’s motivations and, of course, excessive female exploitation. In short: total bliss!