Clip from Eric Red's 100 Feet!

We missed this little Halloween treat yesterday but, as you can see by the amount of stories we did, it was about the only thing we missed. Man yesterday was nuts!

Cold Spots Special: Buddy's Bar, Buckton, PA

Through the course of writing Cold Spots, we’ve taken our readers on a tour of the U.S., taking a look at the most haunted and strangest places from each state. In many cases, the articles are written about places by speaking to eyewitnesses, reading newspaper reports, and trusting in the skill of other paranormal investigative entities to provide evidence of hauntings, taking only the most interesting and disturbing pieces to illustrate the history of the locations.

Gaiman's Graveyard Book Headed to Big Screen

Neil Gaiman’s latest novel, The Graveyard Book, just hit #1 on the New York Times bestseller’s list, and Gaiman couldn’t be happier about it. He recently chatted up the folks at MTV to talk all things scary and revealed that a movie version is already in the works.

Beetlejuice (Blu-ray / DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis, Winona Ryder, Michael Keaton Directed by Tim Burton Distributed by Warner Home Video

Amityville Horror, The (Blu-ray)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Margot Kidder, Val Avery, Eddie Barth, James Brolin, Irene Dailey, Hank Garrett, Rod Steiger Directed by Stuart Rosenberg

Tune in to Ghost Radio

Looking for a spooky story to set the mood on Halloween night? Thanks to the multi-talented Leopoldo Gout, your search could very well be over.

Pulse 3 & Eden Lake DVD News

December 23rd is the day when we'll all get what we wanted for Christmas: Pulse 3 on DVD! If Pulse 2 (review) taught us anything, it's that some of us would rather get coal this holiday season. Don't blame me for the bad news, look at Fangoria, they broke it.

The Haunting in Connecticut Trailer

Yesterday we got the first look at Peter Cornwell's "true" ghost tale The Haunting in Connecticut. But, I just wasn't happy with MTV's trailer, so I got us our own!

Early Details on The Haunting in Connecticut

A movie that compares itself to The Exorcist and The Exorcism of Emily Rose has some pretty big shoes to fill, but from all indications The Haunting in Connecticut seems poised to do just that.

No Man's Land: Rise of Reeker (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Michael Muhney, Desmond Askew, Wilmer Calderon, Lew Temple, Michael Robert Brandon, Mircea Monroe Directed by Dave Payne Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Room 205 (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Mira Wanting, Jon Lange, Juile Ølgaard, Neel Rønholt, Mikkel Arendt Directed by Martin Barnewitz Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Haunting Winners Announced!

Halloween's just around the corner so guess what that means? It's time to give away some really spooky swag!

New Zealand & South Korea Team for Soul Mate

Does anyone out there remember a little New Zealand horror film called The Ugly? It was one of those low-key flicks that came around direct to DVD here in the States just over a decade ago and got a good amount of buzz for its time. Well, if you have fond memories of it, The Ugly’s director, Scott Reynolds, is getting ready to make his first film since 2001, which also happens to be the first in a new South Korea/New Zealand co-production treaty.

Morgue, The (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Brady Matthews, Lisa Crilley, Heather Donahue, Chris Torres, Bill Cobbs Directed by Halder Gomes and Gerson Sanginitto Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Murray Comments on Ghostbusters 3

Bill Murray made a surprise guest appearance at Fantastic Fest in Austin last week, and during the Q&A someone had the nerve to ask about Ghostbusters 3. Since he’s not quite as vocal about the series as Ramis or Aykroyd have been, hearing his comments on it pretty much solidified the whole thing for me.