Landlord Teaser Trailer

Another day, another movie about the things that go bump in the night. Namely ghosts. Ladies and gentlemen, meet The Landlord, an independent horror comedy about the young owner of a haunted apartment building, who must choose between serving the monsters and saving the tenants they devour.

Phasma Ex Machina Trailer Now Live

Here at Dread Central we LOVE ghost stories. The more noise the dead, make the happier we are. A haunting new tale is on the way called Phasma Ex Machina from writer/director Matt Osterman, and I've gotta say it looks kind of spooky.

Cold Spots: Frances E. Warren Air Force Base

Cheyenne, WY - As you drive down the street, you happen to glance up into a window and see a little girl waving at you. For a moment you forget yourself and begin to wave back, only to realize a moment later that there is no girl living in that house, and the owners are away for the weekend. You drive on, startled when the sounds of snorting horses and clopping hooves, accompanied by loud shouts and gunfire, grow louder and move past your car without any physical being to make the noise, until you reach your destination, a museum guarded by a man in uniform.

Haunting in Connecticut Motion Poster in Action!

If you’re a regular visitor to Dread Central, you know that we love horror more than just about anything else in this world, the reason being that at the end of the day, it’s fun. It’s like that roller coaster feeling, man. You can be 100% terrified and 100% safe all at the same time. One upcoming flick that looks particularly terrifying is Lionsgate’s The Haunting in Connecticut.

Poster and Trailer for Dark Mirror

What is it about mirrors that inspire so much fright? I'm not talking about seeing your reflection for the first time each day after waking up with a hangover and a bag of Cheetos stuck to your chin by dried saliva either. I'm talking evil things lurking behind it, man!

Dark Reel (DVD)

Reviewed by Heather Wixson Starring Tiffany Shepis, Edward Furlong, Lance Henriksen, Tony Todd, Rick Baker Directed by Josh Eisenstadt Distributed by North American Motion Pictures

Trailers for Teke-Teke and Teke-Teke 2

We, like many of you, are sick to death of J-Horror, and their tales of ghostly little girls with long black hair. It's just been done to death. However, we have to remember that these folks know how to do horror, and the Teke-Teke films look like nothing short of must-sees! Need proof?

Trailer for The Burnt House Now Online

Yet another indie horror trailer hit YouTube today, this one for a movie called, The Burnt House. It's no Serpent Lake, but I gotta say, this one looks pretty friggin' good.

New Haunting in Connecticut TV Spot

As a sucker for ghost stories the release date of March 27, 2009 for The Haunting in Connecticut cannot get here soon enough. To further whet our paranormal whistles a new TV spot has slithered online.

New Spooky Motion Poster for Haunting in Connecticut

"I've been slimed!" Ever since those words were uttered in Ghostbusters, the public by and large became very familiar with all things ecto-plasmic. We've also come to realize that ecto-plasm makes everything better ... Including movie posters.

Three TV Spots for The Haunting in Connecticut

Ghost stories have long been a staple of our genre, and the latest one to hit the big screen will be Lionsgate's The Haunting in Connecticut. Three TV spots for the film have hit online, and of course we're here to point you in the right direction.

Cold Spots: The Anchorage Hotel

Anchorage, Alaska - Hotels are, by their nature, frightening places. Horror scribe Stephen King wrote how one never knows what happened in the room before a lodger lays his head down to sleep. Who slept there before? And who died? In the dead of night, with the blankets pulled up tight to your chin, what is it in the darkness that sounds like breathing? Is the cold merely because of a draft of frigid night air, or is there something more lurking in the darkness?

Hasbro Has Their Say on Ouija Film

You see, here's the thing ... if you believe that anything made by Hasbro or Parker Brothers can be used to communicate with the dead, then I got nothing for ya, man! For the love of Christ it's reality check time! I mean really!

Cold Spots: The Banta Inn

Banta (Tracy), CA - Off the beaten path, away from large cities and burghs, there are small towns with curious histories. Travelers stop to brush away the road dust and enjoy a hearty meal while soaking in some of the local atmosphere. Between the tables there’s a faint mist that floats without benefit of a breeze, accompanied by the sounds of a crying child. Behind the bar, a man stands ready, dutifully handing out cold long-necks, but he knows he’s just holding the space.

Haunting in Connecticut Comes Early!

Sometimes things get put off forever. Such is the case with many movies that never see the light of day. Thankfully, every now and again things hit the fast track and there's cause to rejoice!