Box of Shadows Composer Named

Every good horror movie needs a good score to accompany it to help bring on the shivers, and today some good news just broke tune-wise for Mauro Borrelli's upcoming spooker Box of Shadows.

Lifetime Breaks with Tradition to Present Within on July 31st

We admit that at times we've labeled a few genre films as being more suited to Lifetime than our readership when they veered off into soap opera-ish territory so we're more than a little curious about the network's "broad departure" (in its words) from its typical fare to present supernatural thriller Within this Saturday night, July 31st.

20th Century Fox Looking to Remake Indie Spooker Phasma Ex Machina

Another film debuting at the Fantasia Festival tomorrow is Matt Osterman's sci-fi/horror hybrid Phasma Ex Machina, which has been garnering a hell of a lot of positive buzz lately. So much so that one of the big studios have taken notice and are planning their own version.

Ghostly Trailer from Within

Next to zombie flicks, ghost stories are probably second on the list of the stuff we love to cover here on a daily basis. For years movies that go bump in the night have supplied horror fans with lots of reasons to be scared of the dark, and this latest flick, Within, seems to be right on track in terms of delivering the shivers.

Possessed (2009)

Reviewed by Pierre-Wolf Starring Shim Eun-kyung, Young-nam Jang, Bo-yeon Kim, Chang-jik Lee Directed by Lee Yong-joo

Tour the Haunted Location of Ti West's The Innkeepers

One of the coolest things about making horror movies is that some of the more spooky locations for a film crew to shoot in end up being haunted. Such is the case with the setting Ti West has chosen for his latest film, The Innkeepers. Ready to take a look inside?

The British Are Coming! Being Human to Invade Comic-Con!

We're exactly a month away from the madness known as the San Diego Comic-Con so expect a flurry of guest and panel announcements over the next couple of weeks. On today's list is "Being Human" creator/writer Toby Whithouse joining cast members Russell Tovey, Lenora Crichlow, Aidan Turner, and Sinead Keenan at the big show.

Unnerving Trailer Debut and One-Sheet: Phasma Ex Machina

The death of a loved one is never easy to deal with. In fact some would go to any lengths necessary to have their dearly departed back with them. The only trouble is raising the dead never leads to anything good, and in the new flick Phasma Ex Machina the results can be deadly.

Remembering Lou Gentile - See The Paranormal Investigator's Final Project Now

June 28th marks the one-year anniversary of the death of paranormal investigator, and my good friend, Lou Gentile. There was just nobody like him, man, and when he finally succumbed to cancer, not only did I lose one of my dearest friends, but the field of paranormal research lost one of its biggest assets. Before he died, though, Lou worked on a TV show that was shot for the UK called "Derren Brown Investigates". We now have the program for you to see in its entirety.

100 Feet (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Famke Janssen, Bobby Cannavale, Michael Pare, Ed Westwick Directed by Eric Red Distributed by The Asylum

Cold Spots: Country Tavern Restaurant and Pub

Nashua, New Hampshire - It sits in an unexpected place, a rustic and quaint farmhouse between a car dealership and other modern businesses. While some may look upon it with curiosity, the cars in its parking lot are very telling. Outside one can smell delicious food as it is prepared, and it is hard to imagine that anything could possibly be wrong within the restaurant's walls.

Box of Shadows Behind-the-Scenes Webisodes Now Online

Some pretty neat webisodes have popped up online for Mauro Borrelli's Box of Shadows, and we figured we'd point you to them so you can drink up some spooky to get you through this Monday afternoon!

Syfy's Ghost Hunters Suit Up for Seventh Season

For six seasons loyal fans of the TAPS crew have been tuning in to the Syfy Channel to dig on their paranormal adventures, and the good news for them is that there are now officially more to come.

Sean Hood Brings Us The Haunting in New York

Okay, so we've officially got a franchise on our hands. The success of The Haunting in Connecticut already spawned one sequel that will be lensing soon, The Haunting in Georgia, but apparently there's one more on the way after that!

First Art and News: House of Last Things

Coming from writer/director Michael Bartlett (not to be confused with the Michael Bartlett who brought us The Zombie Diaries) comes a new chiller in the vein of The Shining to keep us thoroughly frightened by those wicked things that go bump in the night.