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Starring Wes Craven, David Arquette, Neve Campbell, and a dozen others Directed by Ryan Turek

An Early Look at NECA's Zombie Ghostface Figure

As mentioned previously, NECA's new line of Ghostface figures that are set for release just ahead of the new Scream 4 includes a zombie version, and today we have an early look at the guy.

NECA Reveals New 7-Inch Ghostface Figure

In honor of the original Scream, which opened 14 years ago today, NECA has provided our first look at their new 7-inch Ghostface action figure. NECA's currently running a holiday media blitz on Twitter so be sure to follow @NECA_TOYS. Here's how they describe the new Ghostface:

Two Ghostface Figures on the Way from NECA: Classic and Zombie!

From Idle Hands, our man Nomad's home away from home, comes word that as Scream 4 prepares to hit theaters, NECA wants to make sure you've got a little 7-inch Ghostface in hand at the theater on opening night. And you'll have two different models to choose from.