Ghost Rider 2

Will the Ghost Rider Sequel Be Uncaged?

Ever since Ghost Rider opened in 2007, it seems like the only person clamoring for a sequel has been Nicolas Cage. Now word is coming out that Columbia is so desperate to get a Ghost Rider sequel into production before the franchise rights revert back to Marvel's new owners, Disney, that they may rush it into production with a skull not Cage's bursting into flame.

Ghost Rider 2 Update

Like it or not, Nicolas Cage is coming back for a second go 'round as Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze. And it actually sounds like it could be decent.

David Goyer Talks Ghost Rider 2

Last we heard about Ghost Rider 2, David Goyer said he hadn't signed on yet but plans were already under way to base the sequel on a script he had written previously. Now today comes word that he is confirmed as a producer for the next installment and will polish his nine-year-old screenplay (including reworking its hard R-rated nature for a PG-13 rating), and while the continuity won't necessarily get an overhaul, the tone is certainly shifting.