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First Official Still: 30 Days of Night: Dark Days

The very first still from 30 Days of Night: Dark Days just arrived in our inbox, and because we are quick like cats, here it is for the rest of you guys!

Mandate Signs Sam Raimi to Oversee Refuge

It's always nice to see someone giving back to the community that gave him a start, and that's exactly what Sam Raimi is doing for up-and-coming British director Corin Hardy and his project entitled Refuge. Raimi, along with Jason Blum, Nathan Kahane, and Steven Schneider, will produce the film for Mandate Pictures, where Raimi's Ghost House Pictures has a deal.

Script Ready for 30 Days of Night Sequel

Reaction to the live action version of the Steve Niles graphic novel was for the most part positive, and you know what that means -- sequel time! It may even be happening sooner than you think!

Ghost House Remaking Anguish & The Dorm

Ghost House Pictures keeps carving its way through the genre with a vengeance, as a couple of remake tidbits have hit the wire! What's next for the house that Raimi and Tapert built?

Raimi to Redecorate Room 205

What's happening in Room 205? If you really want to know the answer to that question, you can check out our DVD review of the original film here, but if you're patient, you may just want to wait for the Sam Raimi-produced remake that's coming soon!

Wilkins Catches Us in a Mousetrap!

Just about every filmmaker has a flick that never saw that light of day for one reason or another, including Splinter/Grudge 3 director Toby Wilkins.

Grudge 3 Gets an R, First Stills!

You know, rarely do I get excited about sequels. I loved the Ju-on movies, but for whatever reason, even with creator Takashi Shimizu at the helm of the American remakes, they still felt kind of stale. With the upcoming release of Ghost House Pictures' The Grudge 3 from Sony, some interesting surprises have been popping up. The latest one? Gone is the PG-13 rating, and in its place the MPAA has granted this third U.S. entry an R rating, the first in the franchise's history.

First Look at Raimi's Drag Me to Hell!

MTV is celebrating Halloween in the way only a huge, multi-national corporation that feeds on the souls of the young can: with a shitload of exclusives!

The Grudge 3 Trailer is Here!

Toby Wilkins (interview here) has kicked ass and taken names with his debut feature, Splinter, but the first reason we started talking about him was because he got the semi-sweet gig of directing the first non-Shimizu-helmed Grudge sequel.

Ghost House to Remake Danish Substitute

As if tapping into the works of the Koreans, Japanese and Spanish wasn’t enough, Hollywood is now setting its remake sights on the Danish.

Ghost House Goes Underground

What strikes me most funny about this article is the reference in the very first line to “the booming horror genre”. Like horror’s never made money before? Like it’s this newly discovered method of getting a lot for a little?

30 Days of Night (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Josh Hartnett, Craig Hall, Melissa George, Ben Foster Directed by David Slade Distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Raimi to Direct Hell

Jeffrey Lynch is out and Sam Raimi is now taking his place in the director’s chair for Drag Me to Hell, the first horror movie the diminutive helmer will direct for his horror production house, Ghost House Pictures.