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UPDATED: Lily Collins Boarding Evil Dead Remake

The first bit of casting news for the remake of the 1981 Sam Raimi film The Evil Dead has made its way online, and we've got the skinny on what fresh-faced actor is getting set to be all bloodied up and violated by a long sleeping Candarian demon.

The Evil Dead Remake Gets a Release Date

There's been a plethora of new details emerging for the remake of the 1981 Sam Raimi film The Evil Dead lately. Everything from character breakdowns to close dissections of the flick's plot. Now, however, we have something concrete ... a release date!

Lots of New Evil Dead Plot Details

We're all guardedly excited about the upcoming remake of Sam Raimi's 1981 horror classic Evil Dead, and while the plot and the character breakdowns have only been hinted at thus far, the whole enchilada is now here with tons of spoilers. Read it at your own peril.

Evil Dead Remake Ready to Take Flight ... to New Zealand!

If there is one thing we learned from watching Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy, it's that New Zealand is home to some of the most beautifully dense forest landscapes we've ever seen. The perfect place to hide a cabin full of Candarian demons!

Evil Dead Remake Lands Distribution Deal with Sony Pictures

We knew it was coming, and now we know who will be bringing it to us! The Sam Raimi-Rob Tapert remake of Evil Dead is moving forward with Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions and FilmDistrict partnering with Ghost House Pictures and Sony Pictures to distribute worldwide excluding the UK and France.

Dibbuk Box Now in Possession of an R Rating

The journey to get Lionsgate's Dibbuk Box to the big screen has been a long and arduous one. The film, now known as The Possession, recently went before the MPAA and was slapped with an R rating. The filmmakers appealed, and now the final verdict is in.

Lionsgate Packs Up its Dibbuk Box and Moves The Possession to Next Summer

Poor Dibbuk Box. First it gets a title change, and now its release date is bouncing around Hollywood like an errant piece of Flubber. Break out the old planners, folks; it's time to add a new date. Use a pencil. You never know.

Ghost House Pictures and Mandate Still Holding a Grudge

One of the most terrifying J-horror franchises of them all, Ju-On (or The Grudge as it's known here in the States), is still alive and kicking, and apparently there's a new one on its way!

Dibbuk Box Now Officially The Possession

Ah, yes. Generic titles. We love them. They're no nonsense and to the point. American audiences couldn't possibly deal with having to pay attention to more complicated titles like Dibbuk Box. Perish the thought.

Dibbuk Box Now a Tale of Possession

And the generic title gods have once again smiled upon horror cinema as a means to spoon-feed the public and get their butts into seats at the theatre. Apparently Ghost House Pictures' long talked about Dibbuk Box is getting a new moniker.

The Evil Dead Invade Your iPhone and iPad ... Again!

"We're gonna get you ... We're gonna get you ... Not another peep ... Time to go to sleep ..." Does anything satisfy like the Sam Raimi classic The Evil Dead? Not really! Over the years the beloved franchise has seen many incarnations, the last one being the Army of Darkness tower defense game, but the mobile fun doesn't end there.

Ghost House & Universal Diving into Two New Frankenstein Projects; Summit & Columbia Working on Two More!

As a confirmed and proud Frankenstein fanatic, it always warms my heart when more tellings of the legendary tale go into production. Such is the case with the upcoming adaptations of the Peter Ackroyd novel The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein and the Kenneth Oppel novel This Dark Endeavor: The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein.

Dibbuk Box Cast Expands with Kyra Sedgwick

We were pretty excited already with the news that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was the first star to sign on to Lionsgate's horror thriller Dibbuk Box, and now that they've landed "The Closer" herself, Kyra Sedgwick, we're beyond thrilled.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Next to Open the Dibbuk Box

Dibbuk Box is one of those flicks we feel as if we've been talking about forever, and to be fair, it's been at least a solid year. Finally, though, we have a name attached to the new spooker from Lionsgate!

Plot Details for Lionsgate's Dibbuk Box Trickle In

By now we've all heard about Lionsgate's new terror flick for next October, Dibbuk Box, which is supposedly based on 100% true events (if not we've got a refresher for you), but one thing we don't know are the plot details for the flick itself. That's about to change.