German Killer Bees Attack Spain on American DVD! Get Ready for Killer Swarm!

Move over, Syfy. German television is treading on your nature gone amok territory. Recent years have seen made-for-German-TV movies about killer sharks and birds and tornadoes and other natural disasters. These films have slowly been making their way our way. The latest is Killer Swarm, coming to US DVD in June.

Krabat (2008)

Reviewed by Scott A. Johnson Starring David Kross, Daniel Bruhl, Christian Redl, Roberd Standlober Directed by Marco Kreuzpaintner Written by Michael Gutmann, Marco Kreuzpaintner

New Barricade Trailer

A friend of the site just dropped us a line with the good news that a second teaser for his latest writing credit, Timo Rose’s Barricade, is now available for consumption over at the film’s MySpace page. I gotta say it sure as hell has a great look to it; hopefully the acting and the story can match the visuals.

Barricade Wraps, New Pics!

Today we received word that filming on Barricade will wrap today in Germany before it goes on to the long, insane phase of post-production.