Geraldine Hakewill

Two New One-Sheets: Uninhabited

Here's a tip for your travelers out there ... If a place is known to be either remote, secluded, away from it all, and or Uninhabited, it may not be the best of places to pick for your holiday. Why? Because seldom are they as advertised. You could be getting yourself into just about anything with no one to call for help. Make sense? Of course it does, but by all means -- please continue to be adventurous! Natural selection yields meat for the beast!

A Sneak Peek at Uninhabited

Writer/director Bill Bennett might not be a genre mainstay, but he’s certainly been in the filmmaking business a long time. He’ll be taking his first stab at the genre with his newest film, Uninhabited, and we’ve got your first look at it.