George Mendeluk

Tom Berenger Finds Terror on the Highway in Amber Alert

Not to be confused with the god-awful found footage film with almost the same name, on tap right now we have the artwork and trailer for Amber Alert: Terror on the Highway, which is headed our way courtesy of Nasser Entertainment.

Exclusive Interview: Jason London Talks The Terror Experiment, Future Projects and More

With The Terror Experiment's DVD and Blu-ray release this week, Dread Central chatted with star Jason London about his experience making the indie horror flick as well as tackling the more physical aspects of his role and becoming a reluctant hero along the way.

Exclusive Interview: George and Alexander Mendeluk Discuss Their Terror Experiment

For his new flick The Terror Experiment, director George Mendeluk relied on his son Alexander’s horror movie sensibilities as well as the terrifying true events of 9/11 for inspiration, and Dread Central recently had the opportunity to chat with them both.

Hold Your Fire! It's a New Clip from The Terror Experiment

Here we go, kids! A bit more video carnage to add to your normally dismal Monday afternoon. Sit back, turn up the sound, and dig on yet another clip from The Terror Experiment!

Two Clips from The Terror Experiment Add a Little Color to Your Day

Time to spread the red a bit before lunch! Sit back, tuck your napkin into your shirt collar (does anyone still do that?) and eat up two new clips from Anchor Bay's new infected flick, The Terror Experiment.

Gutwrenching New Clip from The Terror Experiment

What happens when the infected attack, you ask? Well, with this new clip from The Terror Experiment, you're about to find out. Ah, the glorious gore of it all!

New Stills Online for The Terror Experiement

Time for some eye candy featuring more pissed off infected folks that will soon be running your way courtesy of Anchor Bay! Check out another look at The Terror Experiment.

The Terror Experiment Infects Blu-ray and DVD

More pissed off infected folks are running your way to take a bite out of your home theatre setup with the release of Anchor Bay's latest flick, The Terror Experiment. Read on for all the details and artwork!

AFM 2010: Former Brat Packers Get Infected

There was a time in the 1980's when C. Thomas Howell and Judd Nelson were amongst the hottest group of young actors of their time, collectively known as "The Brat Pack". Now they're reuniting for a low budget rage virus flick unoriginally titled Infected. Take a look at your future, cast of Twilight.