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Last Winter Hits This Summer

Larry Fessenden's latest horror-fest, The Last Winter (review here), is slated to hit DVD on July 22nd, and as always we've got a look at the DVD art and specs for ya!

Night of the Living Dead: 40th Anniversary Edition (DVD)

Reviewed by Debi Moore Starring Duane Jones, Judith O'Dea, Kyra Schon, Karl Hardman, Marilyn Eastman, Keith Wayne, Judith Ridley Directed by George A. Romero

Genius' Upcoming Korean DVD Handy-work

Genius Products has two new horror DVDs hitting this summer, and we've got all the info you want on them right here.

Hybrid (DVD)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Corey Monteith, Justine Bateman, Tinsel Korey, William McDonald, Gordon Tootoosis Directed by Yelena Lanskaya Distributed by Genius Products

Awake (DVD)

Reviewed by Nomad Starring Hayden Christensen, Jessica Alba, Terrence Howard, Lena Olin Directed by Joby Harold Distributed by Genius Products

Hive, The (DVD)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Tom Wopat, Kal Weber, Elizabeth Healy, Mark Ramsey, Jessica Reavis, Pisek Intarakanchit, Nicky Tamrong Directed by Peter Manus Distributed by Genius Products

Solstice (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Elisabeth Harnois, R. Lee Ermey, Shawn Ashmore, Matt O'Leary, Tyler Hoechlin Directed by Daniel Myrick Distributed by Genius Products

1408 (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson, Mary McCormack Directed by Mikael Hafstrom Distributed by Genius Products, LLC.

Last Winter, The (DVD)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Starring Ron Perlman, James LeGros, Connie Britton, Keving Corigan Directed by Larry Fessenden Distributed by Genius Products

Roe, Chris (One for the Fire)

There are many, MANY versions of NOTLD available on DVD, but the latest release, the Night of the Living Dead 40th Anniversary Edition (review here), is without quest