Gears of War

NECA's GoW Series 2 Revealed!

Gears of War just won't slow down. A movie is on the way, a sequel to the game is due out later this year and amount of toys that can be made from the franchise seems endless. If only there was a way to stop 5 year olds from playing Gears online with mics on...

Len Wiseman to Turn the Gears of War!

Rumors and speculation have been flying around for a while now about who should sit in the director's chair for a big screen version of the XBOX 360's best selling title. Now, we've got the official word!

Gears of War is Go!

Are we going to have another Doom on our hands with the Gears of War movie? I kinda hope so, just with a tiny bit more intelligence. Sorry, I thought Doom was fun, sue me.

Gears & Escape Director Named?

I really don’t know how I feel about this. You never know with some directors these days, but can Len Wiseman refrain from making another Underworld?