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E3 2012 Exclusive Preview: Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens: Colonial Marines has been a long time coming. Fans of the series have been waiting patiently as the game has been pushed back multiple times over the years. But if what they were showing off at E3 this year is any indication of the final product, that wait will not have been in vain.

E3 2012: Aliens: Colonial Marines Takes a Bite out of E3

In case you haven't noticed, every time we put up a trailer or do a story on Sega's Aliens: Colonial Marines, we drool like the nerdiest of fanboys. Thankfully we had lots of wipes around when these images from Sega's Aliens E3 booth showed up via Heather Wixson.

Special Collector's Editions Reveal for Aliens: Colonial Marines

SEGA has just revealed a special Collector's Edition and GameStop exclusive for Aliens: Colonial Marines. The exclusive box sets are now available for pre-order and will go fast! So make sure to get yours today!

Aliens: Colonial Marines Gets a Release Date and a New Trailer

The highly anticipated Aliens: Colonial Marines was just confirmed to release worldwide on February 12, 2013. SEGA had previously planned to release the game the last quarter of 2012 - now it looks like we have to wait even longer to get our hands on this one.

New Details Emerge on Aliens: Colonial Marines Along with New Gameplay Footage

Up until now, game developer Gearbox hasn't had much to say about the multi-player aspect of its highly anticipated title Aliens: Colonial Marines, except that there would be multi-player in the game.

Have a Close Encounter with the Aliens: Colonial Marines Box Art

Whether you believe in aliens or not, you have to admit they help make some of the best movies and video games ever. Case in point: Aliens: Colonial Marines, one of the most anticipated games of the year. And now SEGA has revealed the box art for the upcoming title.

Some New Information Revealed about Aliens: Colonial Marines

Yeah, we know. The news that Aliens: Colonial Marines's release was pushed back to fall bummed us out, too, but on the plus side Gearbox Software's CEO Randy Pitchford revealed many interesting new facts about the upcoming title in a recent interview with the PlayStation Blog.

Hold On to Your Asses for Another Special Announcement Regarding Duke Nukem Forever

The last time we brought you a special announcement regarding Duke Nukem Forever, it ended up being bad news. The game was delayed and dark days fell upon fans. Now that we're approaching its official release date (just weeks away), another message has been handed down from Gearbox Software. Dare you read on? From the Press Release

Duke Nukem Experiences Shrinkage - Sex Toy Sales Soar!

What do cold water, stage fright, and Duke Nukem Forever have in common ... Shrinkage! Shrinkage is the excitingly small new trailer from the folks at 2K Games and Gearbox. Shrinkage proves two important things. One, that Duke is the baddest mofo in gaming. Who else could be the size of an index finger and still pack a powerful punch ... Duke can!

New Duke Nukem Forever Trailer Wants You to Come Get Some!

Those who watched the season finale of "Archer" on FX last night got a glimpse of the edited new commercial for Duke Nukem Forever. Well, edited versions are for wimps, the under aged and those who like to complain. For those of you who are (wo)man enough to enjoy real entertainment, here is the unedited version of the "Come Get Some".

Meet Duke's Babes in the Newest Duke Nukem Forever Trailer

“Girls, Girls, Girls! Long legs and burgundy lips. Girls, Girls, Girls! Dancin' down on Sunset Strip. Girls, Girls, Girls! Red lips, fingertips!” If you’ve ever played any of the Duke Nukem games, you know that they have featured many wonderful lovely babes, and the upcoming Duke Nukem Forever is no exception.