Gator Green

First Impressions of Jim VanBebber's Gator Green; Exclusive Image Gallery

If you've been following the site lately, you've seen us mention Jim VanBebber's Gator Green short film, which is screening along with his award-winning The Manson Family and will be included with the Manson Blu-ray coming May 7th from Severin Films.

Jim VanBebber Talks The Manson Family, Gator Green, and True 70's Style Grindhouse Cinema

A true grindhouse maverick who hates happy endings, Jim VanBebber has made a name for himself in the world of low-budget, independent exploitation cinema as a writer/director and sometimes actor.

Full Schedule for The Manson Family Theatrical Rollout; Includes World Premiere of Gator Green Short This Weekend

Severin Films' theatrical rollout of Jim VanBebber’s award-winning The Manson Family begins this weekend, and we have all the details, including a special treat for audiences in San Francisco and Denver.