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The Hunger Games on Home Video: Which Cast Members Are Attending Midnight Sales? Check Out the iTunes Interactive Trailer!

Today's a big day for fans of The Hunger Games. At midnight tonight the Blu-ray and DVD for the film go on sale, and we have the scoop on which Hunger Games stars will be where. Read on for the details!

Jennifer Lawrence Talks Big Budget vs. Indie Films in Latest Bonus Clip from The Hunger Games' Home Video Release

The Hunger Games arrives on home video on August 18th, and to help fuel the fervor even more, Lionsgate has released a new bonus clip in which star Jennifer Lawrence reflects on her decision to make the move from mostly independent films to the blockbuster.

An Official Special Features Trailer Arrives for The Hunger Games' Home Video Release

At the end of May we received the first word on what will be included in the home video release of The Hunger Games from Lionsgate, and now we have an official trailer for the special features. Talk about covering all the bases!

Play The Hunger Games at Home

Come on! You only need to vary the rules a little bit. Just break out the paintball guns and engage in all-out warfare to decide who will be deciding what to eat for the next year. Or... you could just pop in the DVD or Blu-ray. The choice is yours!

Lionsgate Circling Writer for Hunger Games Sequel Catching Fire

Now that a director has been found to carry The Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire, into theatres in 2013, Lionsgate has been look to find a writer, and they're zeroing in on one in particular.

Official: Francis Lawrence to Direct Catching Fire; Full Cast Confirmed

Lionsgate put out a press release today officially confirming that Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend, Constantine) will direct The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire for a November 2013 release. Read on for all the details and casting confirmation.

Lionsgate Picks Francis Lawrence to Direct Catching Fire

Lionsgate has picked Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend, Constantine) to direct The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire, replacing Gary Ross, who opted out of the gig after helming the hugely successful first installment of the franchise.

Lionsgate Getting Close to Finding Catching Fire Director

With Gary Ross opting not to direct the sequel to The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, the race is on to find a director to take his place. Ready for the super short list? Read on!

David Cronenberg Being Considered for Hunger Games Sequel Catching Fire?

We had to pinch ourselves midway through that headline just to make sure we were not hallucinating. With Gary Ross officially out the picture, Lionsgate is scrambling to find another director, and their short list is incredibly interesting.

Hunger Games Shocker - Gary Ross Will NOT be Catching Fire

For the past week or so rumors have been swirling around regarding whether or not director Gary Ross would be returning the The Hunger Games franchise to take the reins of the sequel, Catching Fire. The final word has come.

Gary Ross Still Playing Hunger Games?

If there was anything catching fire on the internet yesterday, it was the news that The Hunger Games director Gary Ross would not be returning to the mega-hit franchise. However, it sounds as if that news may have come prematurely, and if there's anything we hate around here, it's coming prematurely.

Hunger Games Director Gary Ross Not Returning for Sequel Catching Fire

Well then, here's some interesting news... it's no secret that anyone who's locked into working on the next couple of sequels in The Hunger Games franchise would pretty much be set for life upon completion, but director Gary Ross has other plans.

New Hunger Games PSA Posters Bring the Funny

Will The Hunger Games (review here) continue its box office winning ways this weekend? It's a good bet, but why not take a moment to have a laugh at the tributes' expense?

Go Behind-the-Scenes of The Hunger Games

Time for a bit more eye candy in relationship to this weekend's release of The Hunger Games (review here)! Next on tap, some behind-the-scenes shenanigans! Dig it!

The Verdict is in on The Hunger Games! Read the Review Now!

We came. We saw. We survived. That's right, kids. The verdict is here pertaining to Lionsgate's The Hunger Games, and we're pretty damned surprised! Read on!