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Good Morning Godzilla - New Image Houses Secrets

A new image from Legendary Pictures' Godzilla has been released and it's home to a lot of mystery... Mystery that just screams, "Okay, what the hell is behind that door in the vault?" Let the speculation begin!

New Warner Bros. Godzilla Press Release Teases More Creatures to Come!

For decades now Godzilla has been a marketing juggernaut. One quick search on eBay reveals thousands of items fitted with Big G's fiery presence. With a new film coming up, you can expect an exponential increase of products...

Good Morning Godzilla - Japan Gets Ready

The Godzilla production team spent a great deal of time in New Westminster, BC, recently as it doubled for San Francisco, and now the city is getting a Far East makeover. Check out this latest round of set pics.

Another Look at Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Bryan Cranston on the set of Godzilla

A new round of paparazzi pix from the now filming Godzilla have made their way online via Just Jared, and they feature an extremely good look at stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Bryan Cranston plowing through the muck.

Good Morning Godzilla - Where the Streets Have No Flame

More images of destruction have come our way from a Flickr user named Mashimero. Upon checking them out, all we can picture is the sight of a huge beast barreling down the streets. Check out this new batch!

Good Morning Godzilla - More Burning Behind-the-Scenes Eye Candy

On tap right now are over 30 new paparazzi pics from the set of Legendary Films' Godzilla thanks to a camera-happy Imgur user named Cornholio. For these pics we will happily send him T.P. for his bunghole.

Good Morning Godzilla - San Francisco Left in Shambles

Crushed vehicles. Fires. Crumbling buildings. People scattered like ants. Yep, Godzilla has been up to his old tricks again in Canada, and we have both new videos and stills showcasing just what kind of menace he's been being. Dig it!

Good Morning Godzilla - Giant Monster Foot + Car = Pancake

Ever wonder what the full weight of a fire-breathing behemoth would do to a parked car should it happen to step right on top of it? We're guessing that it would look like something pretty damned close to this...

Good Morning Godzilla - Big G's Path of Destruction Continues

On tap right now is a handful of new paparazzi images from around the web showcasing Godzilla's handiwork. Or... footwork for that matter. Yep, things are getting nice and crushed. Check it out.

The Night Is on Fire in Latest Godzilla Image

Another image from the set of the currently shooting Godzilla has been released by Legendary Pictures, and this could be the best one we've seen yet! Check it out, and batten down the hatches, kids! This is gonna be a good one!

Good Morning Godzilla - Shoreline Left in Shambles

Disaster. Total and complete disaster. Those are the only words that come to mind when thinking of these next stills in our Good Morning Godzilla coverage. Yep, it seems as if we're definitely getting down to the nitty gritty!

Good Morning Godzilla - The Heavy Guns Roll In

To say that Godzilla is a formidable foe is a bit of an understatement, and the U.S. Army is out in full force to try to destroy the fire-breathing beast. Check out new images of our boys and girls defending San Fran!

Godzilla to Take a Shot at the Golden Gate Bridge

It seems as though our Godzilla coverage is outgrowing its usual AM time slot as even more goodies have surfaced from the Canadian set. The behemoth's next target? The Golden Gate Bridge.

Canadian Residents Asked to Prepare for Godzilla's Arrival

Remember a few weeks ago when we told you that the sight of faux missiles headed toward the Godzilla set in Canada alarmed residents? Well, Warner Bros. and Legendary are now thinking ahead a bit. Everything will be fine. Just remain calm.

Good Morning Godzilla - Village Under Quarantine

And our quest to bring you every nook and cranny filled with Godzilla goodness continues with another set of images from that Japanese fishing village which is now apparently a no-man's land. Check 'em out!