Gareth Edwards

One-Sheet Debut - Gareth Edwards' Monsters

Finally we're getting a look at the US one-sheet for the new creature feature that just about everyone is talking about, Gareth Edwards' District 9-like Monsters!

Trailer Debut - Monsters

So much news. So few hands! Are you guys keeping up? Good! So get ready to dig on the trailer for Gareth Edwards' Monsters!

Check Out This Monsters Quad Poster

It's been a little while since we've had any kind of update on Gareth Edwards' promising creature flick, Monsters, so it's only appropriate that we bring you a hot off the presses look at the British quad poster.

In the UK, Monsters ... SHALL NOT PASS! *Bangs Staff on Ground*

Folks in the UK are getting a pretty nifty District 9-esque quad one-sheet in promotion of another little indie movie that's making a whole hell of a lot of noise, Gareth Edwards' Monsters, and we've got a look at the goods for ya!

Gareth Edwards' Monsters Coming for Halloween

People who have been following the progress of another little indie movie that's making a whole hell of a lot of noise, Gareth Edwards' Monsters, will be happy to know that Magnolia has just set a theatrical release date of October 29th of this year!

Gareth Edwards on the Making-of Monsters

One movie Magnet has secured for distro that we're really looking forward to is Gareth Edwards' latest indie horror flick, which has been dubbed the "Latin District 9" by some who were lucky enough to catch it at SXSW, Monsters. We're always up for a good old fashioned monster mash, and judging by this latest behind-the-scenes video, that's exactly what we're in for.

Magnet to Bring Us Monsters

We knew it wouldn't be long after SXSW '10 that someone would pick up Gareth Edwards' new flick, Monsters, and lo and behold the news has come down just minutes ago.

SXSW '10: Monsters Teaser Promises BIG THINGS

A new clip from the upcoming flick being dubbed as "the Latin District 9" called Monsters made its online debut today, and from the looks of things blissfully giant beasts await!

Edwards, Gareth (Monsters)

Immediately following its US premiere during the 2010 SXSW Film Festival, Gareth Edwards’ Monsters became one of the more buzzed about films from the festival. The movie takes audiences into a world where aliens have existed on Earth for six years after a NASA probe crashes in Mexico, infecti