Gareth Edwards

Godzilla Soundbites: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen, Ken Watanabe, and More!

This time next week Godzilla will be in theatres, and I will be suffering from priapism. To mark both of these occasions, we have some new soundbites for you cats with the cast and crew. Dig it!

Godzilla - Size Does Matter

Yes, "Size Does Matter" was the tagline for the god-awful 1998 American Godzilla misfire. Good thing for us all that Legendary Pictures is setting the record straight in the next movie. Yep, this newest iteration towers above that infernal Iguana-Chicken, and we have your proof right here!

New Godzilla Still Stands Tall

This week's Entertainment Weekly is home to a new still from Legendary Pictures' take on Godzilla, and of course we have it for you right here. We wish we could blow this up to like 12 feet long and put it on our wall. It's that badass!

International Godzilla Featurette Explores the 3rd Dimension

When it comes to coverage of Legendary Pictures' Godzilla, we are ever vigilant. If it's out there and something to do with this movie, you probably saw it or found out about it here. Case in point: this new featurette! Check it out along with a new TV spot!

New Godzilla Poster Spells Things Out for You

Some new artwork for Legendary Pictures' Godzilla has arrived via the film's official Twitter account and we are all over it like white on rice, on a paper plate, in a snowstorm at the North Pole. That's just how we do it! Dig it!

See Godzilla in Action! Go Behind the Scenes!

In an truly hilarious send up of Notzilla's famed giant monster can't catch a car scene, the folks over at Fiat have given the big guy another shot at scoring a quick meal. Check it out along with two behind-the-scenes videos!

Attention Japanese Fans Calling the American Godzilla a Fatty

Over the weekend Japanese Godzilla fans took to the Internet to call the new American Godzilla... well... a fatty! It's time for a bit of a wake-up call for the land of the rising pork-bun!

The Fight Is on in Five Godzilla Clips; Japanese Fans Call New Godzilla a Fatty

On tap right now is a smorgasbord of goodies for Legendary Pictures' upcoming take on Godzilla that's home to some amusing news coming out of Japan and the very first clips from the movie, which we refuse to watch. Will you?

Nearly 3 Dozen Godzilla Images!

You say you want to see some images from Legendary Pictures' Godzilla? Holy cow, are we about to deliver! That's right, kids! Here they are! Nearly 3 dozen on 3 pages! Sit back and chill! You're gonna be here awhile!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a MONSTER-Sized Godzilla Prize Package!

Now this? This is a contest worthy of the moniker of Godzilla! Strap in and cross your fingers, kids, as we're giving away a Godzilla prize package that will make you the envy of all of your fellow monsters.

Godzilla - More From Gareth Edwards; Stomps the U.S. 1 Day Early!

In this latest "Meet the Director" video Godzilla head honcho Gareth Edwards reflects on his filmmaking heroes. Plus, if you're like us and simply CANNOT WAIT for May 16th to see the flick, we've got some good news for ya!

React to Godzilla; Petition for Akira Takarada!

Legendary Pictures wants you to envision what you and your friends would look like if Godzilla was stomping his way to your town! Pull it off with style and you could become a part of Big G's history! Read on for details and more on the Akira Takarada situation!

Godzilla Bites Back in Incredible New Trailer

If this latest trailer, dubbed the Asia Trailer, for Legendary Pictures' Godzilla doesn't send a quick shiver down your spine, then you may want to check your pulse. See a doctor. Hook your nipples up to a car battery. All of the above!

Godzilla Gets His Roar On!

There are few things as important as the look of Godzilla for Godzilla to be Godzilla, but the beast's roar is definitely one of them. It has to have that sound... it's iconic and unmistakable. Thank the video gods that everyone involved with Legendary Pictures' upcoming flick knew this!