Gale Anne Hurd

The Walking Dead: New Series of Season One Roundtable Interviews

Last Friday, March 4th, AMC ran a marathon showing of Season One of "The Walking Dead" and, as part of the event, aired a new series of roundtable interviews with "The Walking Dead" creative team that started with a look at the opening scene of Episode 1 and ended with a discussion of the training and choreography that went on in the show's zombie school.

Exclusive Video of the Paleyfest 2011 The Walking Dead Panel

As promised in his report from the 2011 Paleyfest panel for "The Walking Dead", our man on the scene Andrew Kasch has provided us with video of the event, which you can see right here!

Paleyfest 2011: Update on The Walking Dead

One of the advantages of living in Southern California is the ability to attend the annual Paleyfest at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, and Andrew K. just reported in with news from tonight's opening event: "The Walking Dead".

Gale Anne Hurd Talks the Terminator and a Possible Return to the Franchise

For those of you in need of a history lesson, "The Walking Dead" producer Gale Anne Hurd also helped to create one of the single greatest apocalyptic movie universes with The Terminator, a franchise which over the years has gone from great to kind of okay to complete shit. Recently Hurd got to sound off about the series' history.

UPDATE: The Walking Dead Season 2 Casting News? Charlie Sheen Cameo in the Works?

Now that the dead are ruling the world, it seems as if everybody wants a shot at joining their shambling ranks. Case in point - Charlie Sheen! Will we be seeing the "Two and a Half Men" star go flesh-hungry? Maybe so!

The Walking Dead Exec Producer Gale Anne Hurd Clarifies Writer Situation

For the past several days the Internet has been abuzz with the news that "The Walking Dead" showrunner Frank Darabont had fired his entire writing staff. Now comes clarification from his co-executive producer Gale Anne Hurd as to exactly what did or didn't go down.

The Walking Dead Set Visit Part IV: Prosthetics and Buckets of Blood

As we mentioned in our preview piece, "The Walking Dead" won’t be stingy on the bloodshed. This show plans to test the bounds of gore on TV, and they’ve got one of the best in the business to make sure all the open wounds, guts and severed limps look appropriately realistic. “Yesterday Greg [Nicotero] was doing some rigging [and] he was absolutely covered in blood,” says director Frank Darabont. “That’s my mental image of Greg, always.”

The Walking Dead Set Visit Part III: Casting and Prepping Production

Casting believable undead is an important aspect of any zombie show, but if you don’t have a great hero blowing off their heads, you might just end up rooting for the zombies. Robert Kirkman crafted a great protagonist for The Walking Dead in the venerable Rick Grimes so finding the right man to breathe life into him on screen would be a challenge to be sure. In the end it was a Brit who had the goods.

The Walking Dead Set Visit Part II: Zombies Invade the ATL

These days it’s a pretty rare occurrence to shoot exactly where a script is set. Vancouver doubles for New York. Montreal is London. Louisiana becomes L.A. So on and so forth. But Georgia has been making headway of late in the motion picture industry, offering a sizable tax break good enough to lure fellow horror productions Zombieland, The Crazies and Quarantine 2.

Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd Talks The Walking Dead

Another interview has come in for Frank Darabont's take on the Robert Kirkman zombie epic The Walking Dead, this time with executive producer Gale Anne Hurd, who describes "The Walking Dead" TV show's blockbuster potential, its commonalities with Piranha, and what makes zombies only the second-most dangerous characters in the series. In addition, we have some updated info on "The Walking Dead" at San Diego Comic-Con.