American Horror Story: Asylum - Photos from Episode 7: 'Dark Cousin' and Three New 'Inside the Asylum' Videos

Read to head "Into the Asylum" again? Here are three new behind-the-scenes videos from "American Horror Story: Asylum" along with a few photos from the upcoming Episode 7, "Dark Cousin."

Go 'Inside the Asylum' with More American Horror Story Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Ready to go "Inside the Asylum" again? FX has posted several new behind-the-scenes videos for "American Horror Story: Asylum," including one that takes a deeper look into the truth by recapping Episode 5, "I Am Anne Frank - Part 2."

Mark Margolis Discusses Joining the Cast of American Horror Story: Asylum

With well over 100 projects to his credit, Mark Margolis can certainly be described as a true veteran actor. He recently joined the cast of "American Horror Story: Asylum" as Nazi hunter Sam Goodman and sat down with Dread Central to discuss the show and his role in it.

Preview of American Horror Story: Asylum Episode 6 - The Origins of Monstrosity

So last night on "American Horror Story: Asylum," the identity of Bloody Face was revealed (don't worry; no spoilers here), and in next week's episode, "The Origins of Monstrosity," we learn a bit of his back story. Check out the preview here.

FX Renews American Horror Story for a Third Chapter; Jessica Lange and Others Returning

Good news for fans of "American Horror Story" on FX: The network has picked up the Ryan Murphy/Brad Falchuk series for a third season, and as we saw for Chapter 2, "Asylum," many of the cast members will be returning for Chapter 3.

Guillermo del Toro Talks The Strain Television Series

Another project is on its way from the ever so prolific Guillermo del Toro, and we have the skinny for you regarding the television adaptation of The Strain right here. Read on for the latest.

Take a Look Inside American Horror Story: Asylum Episode 4: I Am Anne Frank - Part 1

We have another "Inside the Asylum" video for "American Horror Story: Asylum" that takes a closer look at the fourth episode, "I Am Anne Frank - Part 1," and shows a few of the secrets behind the style of the ep's most memorable scenes.

Photo Gallery for American Horror Story: Asylum - Episode 5: I Am Anne Frank - Part 2

So far reactions to Chapter 2 of "American Horror Story" are split right down the middle. Our own staff is about 50/50. But I'm one who's enjoying this season's "kitchen sink" approach; if you agree, check out these photos from upcoming Episode 5, "I Am Anne Frank - Part 2."

Preview of American Horror Story: Asylum - Episode 5: I Am Anne Frank - Part 2

Next week the plot thickens on "American Horror Story: Asylum" as we delve a bit deeper into James Cromwell's character's past in Episode 5, "I Am Anne Frank - Part 2." Check out a preview of the ep right here!

Preview of American Horror Story: Asylum Episode 4 - I Am Anne Frank - Part 1

We're pretty excited to see what Franka Potente (Run Lola Run, "Copper") does when she checks into "American Horror Story: Asylum" next week for Part 1 of "I Am Anne Frank," especially after watching the preview. Check it out here if you haven't seen it yet.

Have a Look Inside American Horror Story: Asylum - Episode 2: Tricks and Treats

We're still waiting for some feedback from you guys with regard to "American Horror Story: Asylum." Loving it? Hating it? On the fence until you see more? If you're in the latter category, you'll want to check out this inside look from the cast and crew at Episode 2: "Tricks and Treats."

Go Behind the Scenes of the Opening of American Horror Story: Asylum; Watch a Preview of Next Week's Episode

We have two new videos on tap for you kids who are loving "American Horror Story: Asylum": a special behind-the-scenes look at the show's opening sequence along with a sneak peek of next week's episode, "Nor'easter." Dig it!

What's Coming in American Horror Story: Asylum Episodes 3, 4, and 5?

FX has released info on the three upcoming episodes of "American Horror Story: Asylum," and we have their titles and brief synopses right here. Prepare yourselves for "Nor'easter" (airing Halloween night) and "I Am Anne Frank" Parts 1 and 2.

There are Tricks and Treats to be Found in this Latest American Horror Story: Asylum Promo Video

The good folks behind "American Horror Story: Asylum" have released promotional video number 876,298,001 for the show, and we have it for you right here along with all the lunatics running the place. Dig it!

Preview of American Horror Story: Asylum - Episode 2: Tricks and Treats; Ryan Murphy Offers a Few Hints of What's Coming

We haven't heard much feedback yet as to what you guys thought of "American Horror Story: Asylum," but we thought Episode 1 was a great beginning with some interesting characters and can't wait for Episode 2.