Full Moon

Exclusive NOT SAFE FOR WORK Images from Gingerdead Man vs. Evil Bong

Warning: If the sight of bare breasts - many, many bare breasts - offends you, then stay away from these images from the latest Full Moon mash-up, Gingerdead Man vs. Evil Bong. To go with them are details of a "Ganja" Version of the film available TODAY!

Stuntman Lauro Chartrand Tapped to Direct Thriller Full Moon

If you look on Lauro Chartrand's IMDb page, you will see only two directing credits but well over 200 films listed under the stunts category. A longtime stunt performer/coordinator, Chartrand has only recently begun delving into directing, and his second feature film is set to be of the thriller variety.

Ooga Booga (2013)

Starring Ciarra Carter, Gregory Niebel, Wade Forrest Wilson, Stacey Keach, Karen Black Directed by Charles Band

Shake a Spear at the Trailer for Ooga Booga, the Django Unchained of Full Moon Puppet Movies

Charles Band is back in the director’s chair and you’ll be shocked, SHOCKED, to find out the title character of Ooga Booga is a murderous action figure. But there’s a twist – this killer toy is on a mission of racial vengeance.

Full Moon Announces the Debut of Streaming Service GrindhouseFlix and the World Premiere of Ooga Booga

We've been talking about Full Moon's Ooga Booga for a while, and we have word on when and where you can see it along with details on Full Moon's new streaming service Grindhouseflix.

Full Moon Unearths Wizard Video Collection of Rare Oversize VHS Boxes; Available with Authentically Duplicated Films Beginning February 12th

Oh, how fondly we remember those giant VHS boxes horror films came in back in the day. Sure, they were a bitch to fit onto your shelf, but the packaging was so cool.

B-Sides: Fear Is Here to Capture Your Soul

What do you get when producer Charles Band, writer David S. Goyer, and director Albert Pyun decide to do their own horror version of Tron? If you didn’t answer Arcade, then you clearly do not know your Full Movie catalogue.

Check Out Some New Stills from Ooga Booga; Porn Star Siri Joins the Cast

Some films are easy to describe… then others defy all explanation. Hopefully we can clear up some of the mystery surrounding the upcoming Ooga Booga with some brand new stills from the movie. Dig 'em!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Signed Puppet Master Blu-ray Box Set from Full Moon

A short while ago Full Moon released remastered Blu-ray versions of the original Puppet Master, Puppet Master II, and Puppet Master III; and to celebrate, they want to give one lucky Dread Central reader an entire signed box set.

First Casting Info and Poster Art for Full Moon's Ooga Booga

Charles Band and Full Moon have a new feature in the works that we think you guys will be interested in. Check out the first word on Ooga Booga, set for release in February 2013.

Full Moon's Subspecies II & III Heading to Blu-ray

I've been hard on Full Moon of late, I realize this. But I am an avid supporter of a lot of their earlier work - especially the Subspecies trilogy (yes, I know there was a fourth film and a spinoff, and the less said about them the better). So I'm delighted to bring word that the folks at Full Moon will be unleashing Radu into the world of 1080p horror once again!

The Official Trailer for Reel Evil Unspools!

The official trailer is now online for the found-footage feature Reel Evil, written by Shane Bitterling and directed by Danny Draven for Full Moon. The film releases to DVD and VOD on December 4th.

Puppet Master X Joins Fellow Full Moon Feature Killjoy Goes to Hell at Redbox

On Tuesday, October 23, the tenth entry in the long-running Puppet Master franchise will drop on Redbox from Full Moon Features along with the latest Killjoy flick, Killjoy Goes to Hell! But wait! There's more! Amid all this fun, Full Moon is also launching their big Halloween sale.

Exclusive: Jamie Bernadette Talks Full Moon's Reel Evil; Trailer and Photos Released

With the teaser trailer for the Full Moon feature Reel Evil having hit the web today, we caught up with one of the flick’s actresses, Jamie Bernadette, to discuss the Danny Draven-directed, Charles Band-produced found-footage film.

Puppet Master X: Axis Rising Poster Premiere

Even though the last Puppet Master movie wasn't exactly what you would call stellar, the fine fiends at Full Moon are going to the well again with Puppet Master X: Axis Rising. Check out the rather kick-ass poster right here!