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Try Full Moon Streaming FREE for 1 Week!

Now is the time to encourage your friends and family to check out FullMoonStreaming.com because it’s FREE to try! Yes, you read that right - FREE! As in you don't have to pay anything and can just kick back and enjoy the insanity!

Full Moon Gives Head on Easter! Toke Up and Enjoy Head of the Family for FREE!

Know what we love about Charles Band and his adorable loonies over at Full Moon Entertainment? They're our kind of sick! Well, that and they're always giving away free stuff to fans! We appreciate both counts more than you know!

Exclusive Clip and Artwork Premiere: PMS Cop

The last RoboCop movie seriously needed some oil, WolfCop is looking pretty deadly, but believe us when we tell you... PMS Cop could be the most lethal of them all! Read on for an exclusive clip and artwork!

Delirium Magazine Presents D-Day of the B-Movies

To celebrate the release of Issue #1 of the all-new Delirium Magazine, the good folks behind the periodical have organized D-Day of the B-Movies, a fantastic meet-and-greet event on March 1st where fans can meet some of their favorite B-movie stars.

Blue Underground and Full Moon Entertainment Team Up for Streaming Terror

Full Moon has been steadily beefing up its streaming service, and if you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, this latest announcement should persuade you and then some. Read on for details, and get those smart TVs ready!

Full Moon Readying Fifth Killjoy Flick!

Now that his four Killjoy flicks have made it to ROKU and other online outlets including Full Moon Streaming, Charles Band and company got in touch with us and let us know that a fifth Killjoy movie is officially on its way... and the title is...

Exclusive Announcement from Charles Band; New Puppet Master Figure Available

Horror producer extraordinaire and Mr. Full Moon Pictures himself, Charles Band, has graced Dread Central with an exclusive, intriguing quote…"We're taking the Puppet Master series in a whole new contemporary direction!" Band said. Nice!

Wizard Studios Announces First 3 Films - Vampie, Virginia Obscura and Villanelle

Full Moon Pictures President Charles Band has announced the first three films to be released under his Wizard Studios banner: Vampie, Virginia Obscura, and Villanelle. We have your artwork and details right here!

Wizard Video Born Again Under a Full Moon

From the fevered mind of maverick cult movie mogul and Full Moon Pictures President Charles Band comes the triumphant return of the brand that first brought oddball shock to your living room: WIZARD Studios!

Exclusive NOT SAFE FOR WORK Images from Gingerdead Man vs. Evil Bong

Warning: If the sight of bare breasts - many, many bare breasts - offends you, then stay away from these images from the latest Full Moon mash-up, Gingerdead Man vs. Evil Bong. To go with them are details of a "Ganja" Version of the film available TODAY!

Stuntman Lauro Chartrand Tapped to Direct Thriller Full Moon

If you look on Lauro Chartrand's IMDb page, you will see only two directing credits but well over 200 films listed under the stunts category. A longtime stunt performer/coordinator, Chartrand has only recently begun delving into directing, and his second feature film is set to be of the thriller variety.

Ooga Booga (2013)

Starring Ciarra Carter, Gregory Niebel, Wade Forrest Wilson, Stacey Keach, Karen Black Directed by Charles Band

Shake a Spear at the Trailer for Ooga Booga, the Django Unchained of Full Moon Puppet Movies

Charles Band is back in the director’s chair and you’ll be shocked, SHOCKED, to find out the title character of Ooga Booga is a murderous action figure. But there’s a twist – this killer toy is on a mission of racial vengeance.

Full Moon Announces the Debut of Streaming Service GrindhouseFlix and the World Premiere of Ooga Booga

We've been talking about Full Moon's Ooga Booga for a while, and we have word on when and where you can see it along with details on Full Moon's new streaming service Grindhouseflix.

Full Moon Unearths Wizard Video Collection of Rare Oversize VHS Boxes; Available with Authentically Duplicated Films Beginning February 12th

Oh, how fondly we remember those giant VHS boxes horror films came in back in the day. Sure, they were a bitch to fit onto your shelf, but the packaging was so cool.