Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th - A Pictorial History in Plastic

While Leatherface is busy getting all of the love lately, our man Nomad has put together a stunning pictorial history of everyone's favorite mama's boy, Jason Voorhees, for his Idle Hands blog that's nothing short of a must see! Dig it!

Everybody Poops... Even Busy Slashers! Check out An Unfortunate Friday the 13th!

Yes, you read that headline right. All of us need to take some time out to pinch one off, and that's also true for those whose business is death!

UPDATE: Warner Brothers Acquires Entire Friday the 13th Franchise from Paramount

Now here's some really good news coming in for fans of the Friday the 13th franchise who are hoping that one day we'll finally see a definitive box set of all the titles in the series...

Suck on Your Favorite Horror Stars! Jason! Freddy! Chucky! Pinhead! The Predator!

Who hasn't watched Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Child's Play, Hellraiser, and Predator and thought to themselves, "Wow. I'd really like to put them in my mouth!" Well, now you can!

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Warner Bros. TV's "Extras" Include Free Horror Movie Screenings and More

Warner Bros. TV will have an “Extra at Comic-Con” stage in San Diego’s Bayfront Park that will include free screenings of The Goonies, Friday the 13th (2009), and Beetlejuice; live interviews with "The Vampire Diaries", "The Following", "Cult", and "666 Park Avenue" stars; and LOTS more.

Exclusive: Tommy Jarvis Returns! Corey Feldman to Narrate and Star in Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th Documentary

Every good documentary needs someone to stitch things together. In Never Sleep Again, Heather Langenkamp took us through the nightmares of Freddy Krueger. Now Corey Feldman is taking us on a ride with Jason.

Official Limited Edition Crystal Lake Memories T-Shirt on Sale NOW!

We have the book, the documentary is well on its way, and now? Now there's a whole new way to get your Jason on by getting yourself an extremely limited edition Crystal Lake Memories t-shirt! Check it out inside!

Exclusive: Producers of Award-Winning Elm Street Documentary Announce Definitive New Friday the 13th Retrospective

We've just gotten word that the documentary Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of ‘Friday the 13th’ began filming on April 24th in Los Angeles, New York, Connecticut and Vancouver.

Friday the 13th: 13 Questionable Citizens of Crystal Lake

When Annie first strolls into “Present Day” Crystal Lake at the start of Friday the 13th it seems like a picturesque and idyllic little town, doesn’t it? Yes, some terrible things happened there but it genuinely feels like a nice place to live, and with a strong sense of community to boot.

Friday the 13th: Top 13 WTF Moments

As much as I love it, the Friday the 13th series isn’t bound by strong continuity. Jason’s look fluctuates like the weather, people flock to Camp Crystal Lake in droves, and WHY does the camp look like it’s in a different state in every film (don’t answer that)?

Friday the 13th - Jason's Top 13 Horniest Kills

In the world of Friday the 13th, “Death and Sex” replaces the old “Death and Taxes” adage with endless reliability. Jason’s always on the prowl for more victims, and what better way for him to pad his numbers than by catching folks not only amidst the throes of passion but also in their euphoric comedowns?

Jason X Screening in L.A. - Pot Smoking Counselors Engaging in Pre-Marital Sex Welcome!

Around these parts we have a wondrous and unapologetic love for Jason X. Yeah, it has some problems here and there, but rather than jumping the shark when our favorite maniac was launched into space, it actually ended up being a lot of fun!

Exclusive Inside Look at the Enhanced Edition of Crystal Lake Memories; Available Friday, April 13th!

The wait is nearly over, kids. Next Friday, April 13th, the mother of all Friday the 13th fan collectibles, Crystal Lake Memories, will be available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes and more in an expanded and updated eBook edition!

Horror Villains Grow Old in this Set of Hilarious Stills! Must SEE!

Everyone loves a great horror movie villain. In their prime the likes of Jason, Freddy, and Michael could take a person apart in any number of ways. The only problem? People get old! What if they did, too? Read on for what is no doubt one of our favorite collections of fan images ever!