Friday the 13th

Jason II Attacked by Fan!

Truth is certainly stranger than fiction sometimes. According to a story in the New York Post, Warrington Gillette, who played Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th Part 2, was injured during an event honoring the new remake.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Friday the 13th

You’ve read two wildly different opinions of the Friday the 13th remake, and now it’s time for the thoughts of our resident twisted Canadian, Rick Trembles, the only way he can express them: through art!

Toy Fair '09: NECA Goodies Galore!

After many hours of work, toiling away at a hot laptop, finally the arduous and daunting task of re-sizing and editing hundreds of pictures is complete. For now! I exaggerate, but compiling these image galleries really is a pain in the ass sometimes.

Fuller & Padalecki Talk Friday Sequel

The folks behind Platinum Dunes have had a very good weekend. They’ve made a lot of money and shown once again that horror can still not only lead, but dominate the box office. So of course the talk of a sequel has begun already...

Friday the 13th Interviews!

Just a heads up in case you didn’t notice it; this weekend we posted two audio interviews with the cast of Friday the 13th, one with Jared Padalecki and one with the new Jason, Derek Mears.

Friday the 13th Makes a Killing at the Box Office

In a good turn of events for R-rated horror, Platinum Dunes' reboot (the new, classier, way to say remake) of Friday the 13th has scared itself up some big box office this weekend, raking in an estimated 42 million, plus!

When Johnny Met Jason

Just to prove that Creepy’s not the only one round these parts who gets to do cool stuff, check out some photographic evidence of my trip to the set of Friday the 13th in Austin, TX!

Friday the 13th Reviews!

Here at Dread Central we have lots of different personalities. As a result, we have mega differences in opinion too. When a big movie like Friday the 13th comes around, sometimes the dissidence is so great that we need two reviews. Such is the case now.

Friday the 13th (2009)

Reviewed by Nomad Starring Jared Padalecki, Amanda Righetti, Derek Mears, Danielle Panabaker Directed by Marcus Nispel

Friday the 13th (2009)

Reviewed by Carmen Potts Starring Jared Padalecki, Amanda Righetti, Derek Mears, Danielle Panabaker Directed by Marcus Nispel

Mezco Donates Jason to Museum of Motion Pictures

Mezco is showing they care about movies and the toys that are made from them with a donation to the Museum of Motion Pictures in New York this week. Action Figure reports that they’ve handed the institute both a “sack head” and masked Jason Voorhees prototype from the Friday the 13th remake, which as you know is out this Friday.

Derek Mears & Amanda Righetti on Loveline Tonight!

Despite his success with "Celebrity Rehab" these days, Doctor Drew hasn't forgotten his roots and still appears every Sunday through Thursday night on the call-in radio show Loveline along with co-host Stryker. Joining them tonight will be Friday the 13th redux stars Derek Mears and Amanda Righetti.

Longer F13 When the Remake Hits Home

I love home video. Thanks to DVD and Blu-ray when a movie comes home, it can often be a different version than the one released to theatres. Apparently the Friday the 13th remake is the latest case in point!

Jason's Ready to Kill

Paramount just released a new viral website that you can use to kill your friends! Or at least pretend you’ve sent Jason after them which, depending on your friend, could have the same effect...

DVD Releases: Bad, Bad Luck

This Tuesday, February 3rd, all sorts of masked antics are coming to DVD, including a fantastic retrospective on the entire history of the Friday the 13th series that features our own Uncle Creepy! Enjoy!