Friday the 13th

Hilarious Friday the 13th Themed Prank

Imagine if you will sitting quietly at or on a lake with your friend when all of a sudden a giant sized killer wearing a hockey mask and wielding a machete emerges from the water. Would you shit your pants? We're willing to bet at least a couple of these people did.

8-Bit Terror: Nintendo's Horror Games that Inspired a Thriving Subgenre

As a nostalgic child trapped in a man’s body, I confess my addiction to all things horror as a youngster and still, as an adult, today. By age 8 I craved the emotionless face of Michael Myers, the idea of what could potentially be at the end of his sharp kitchen knife tugging at my imagination.

#SDCC14: Sideshow Announces Evil Dead II and More Friday the 13th

The good folks behind some of the coolest yet most painfully priced collectibles in the world, Sideshow Collectibles, have announced that they have scored the license for Evil Dead II and will be releasing more Friday the 13th goodies.

Paramount Confirms Next Friday the 13th in 3D

Yep, you read that correctly: The next Friday the 13th film will be in 3D. Before you begin ranting, though, remember this... it worked back in 1982, right? The announcement came during Paramount's presentation at CineEurope.

Beware the Furry Fury of Friday the 13th: Part Pug

While lying in your casket being lowered into the ground, once the last pile of dirt has been shoveled upon your grave... HE will be there to piss on your tombstone. Especially if it's shaped like a fire hydrant. When you're long dead... He will chew your bones. He may even rebury them too.

Editorial: Could the New Friday the 13th Successfully Function as a Found Footage Flick?

Most fans of the Friday the 13th franchise have been contemplating recent rumors of a found footage approach for the forthcoming series re-reboot. And it’s probably safe to assume that most (at least diehards) fans weren’t overjoyed with the notion.

13 Funny Friday the 13th Memes and Things

You know it had to be done. The internet is made for making fun of everything related to Friday the 13th, whether it's about Jason Voorhees or, more traditionally, the black cat. So to help you folks out, we collected 13 of the funniest Friday the 13th memes (and other things) from the interwebs all in one handy place below.

Celebrate Friday the 13th by Reveling in All of the Features You Could Want!

It's that special time of year again... another Friday the 13th! And right now we have a massive look back at some of our most memorable Friday the 13th related coverage - old and new. Sit back and enjoy, kids, and don't tell your mama.

NSFW Friday the 13th Rap Recaps Franchise's Iconic Moments

Tomorrow is of course Friday the 13th, which means it's once again time for all of us horror fans to revisit our favorite installments in the slasher franchise. Personally, I tend to stick with the original film through The Final Chapter, as those are the movies that personify the franchise for me.

New Friday the 13th and Scouts vs. Zombies Play the Release Date Shuffle

Paramount has switched around the releases of two of their upcoming genre films, the newest installment of Friday the 13th and Scouts vs. Zombies. Read on for the details.

25 Possible Friday the 13th TV Series Scenarios

A weekly television series following the exploits of Jason Voorhees – how the hell is that supposed to work? The producers appear to have an idea for how to adapt Friday the 13th into a TV show, but I think I might have a few better ideas for how to transform Jason from horror icon to TV star.

Need a Dose of Holiday Cheer? Check Out Part 3 of Web Series Jason Xmas

Sure, we know it's nearly June, the summer is approaching, and December is as far from our minds as it can possibly be. But for those of you craving a little Christmas in the spring, take a look at Part 3 of Scared Stiff's holiday-themed slasher Jason Xmas.

Franchise Creator Sean Cunningham Reveals Friday the 13th TV Series Details

Last month we learned some more information about the upcoming Friday the 13th TV series that Sean Cunningham teased last year, and today he's spilled a whole lot more of those tasty beans, giving us much more of an insight into what we can expect from the show. Read on!

Get Your Jason Horror Buddy NOW!

We've been talking about Horror Decor's Jason Horror Buddy all week so consider this a reminder that as of today you can order yours, in regular or 8-Bit version, RIGHT NOW!

Jason Voorhees Will Travel to Multiple Time Periods in Friday the 13th TV Series

Late last year original Friday the 13th director Sean Cunningham teased a potential spinoff TV series based on the franchise, though if we're being honest, we never quite expected anything to come of it...