Vinyan Clips Online

Five clips from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment went online today to celebrate the film's DVD release on April 7th, 2009, and we've got every single one of them for you! Check them out below, and if interested, pre-order the flick by clicking on the link to our EVILShop on Amazon! Official Synopsis:

Mutants Trailer Now Live

Twitch Film got their hands on the full trailer for the new French Zombie-fest Mutants today, and wow is this one now officially on our radar.

Fears of the Dark Bringing Nightmares to Toronto

Canadians are getting a special horror treat this week. According to HorrorMovies.ca, Peur(s) du Noir (Fears of the Dark) is set to premiere in Toronto at The Royal on March 6th.

New Humains Teaser

A much slicker and more official teaser for the upcoming French film Humains has finally found its way online, and you can scroll down a bit to see it for yourself. It is in French (anyone who can translate for us, please post below!), but as you may recall, the film follows a team of scientists who discover something that may alter our perception of evolution and, after crashing in a gully, begin to be hunted by that something.

Teaser Trailer for Humains

We still don’t know what it is, exactly, that’s hunting down the explorers in Jacques-Olivier Molon’s Humains, but one thing is clear from the teaser that’s shown up online: It isn't pleasant.

Vinyan Release Date & A Slew of Stills

We just got a heads up that Sony has set a DVD release date for the Fabrice Du Welz shocker Vinyan of April 7, 2009. The disc will only come with a making-of featurette as of now, but more features may be added down the line.

Trailer for French Zombie Horror Mutants

The freaks over at Twitch Film got their greasy, grimy hands on the first trailer for Mutants, the feature debut David Morley, and looks really, really cool. The story puts a new spin on zombies, making the transformation to one take a very long time thus forcing a person to watch their companion rot away, which adds a disturbing new elementto the proceedings.

Poster for Paris by Night of the Living Dead

Dig it; the MySpace page for the French zombie film Paris by Night of the Living Dead just added the film’s official one-sheet to their images, and as you can see it’s pretty badass. The story follows two survivors trying to get out of the City of Lights after the dead take over. We’ll have more soon so keep your ass where we can see it! - Johnny Butane

French Zombie Featurette!

I have to admit, I’ve never heard Word One about the French zombie movie Paris by Night of the Living Dead until today, which just goes to show how under the radar the film’s been flying considering it’s been in production for about two years now.

New Pics from Humains!

A brand new group of images have come to light for Jacques-Oliver Molon’s Humains and though you can see one on your right, a lot more are awaiting you over at Quiet Earth.

Sodium Babies (2008)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Starring Benoît Decaillon, Edouard Audouin, Virginia Michaud, Camille Berthomier Directed by Julien & Benoit Decaillon

Opening Sequence from Du Welz's Vinyan Online!

Despite (or maybe because of) the fact that it’s not been winning hearts and minds whenever it’s played, indeed from all account it’s been dividing more audiences than it has been uniting, Fabrice du Welz’ follow-up to Calvaire, the feral children thriller Vinyan, is a movie that fans are beginning to clamor for.

Style-Filled Trailer for French Vamp Film Sodium Babies

Nothing makes your film stand out amongst the usual crap indies like having some style. Sodium Babies, a new French vampire film directed by Benoit & Julien Decaillon, has more than enough style. In fact, I’m sure it could loan you some if you need it.

Sony Nabs du Welz's Vinyan

Fabrice du Welz’s Vinyan is one of the first lucky recipients of a distro deal courtesy of this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, which kicked off yesterday, according to THR. Not too shabby getting your film nabbed within the first 24 hours of any fest.

New Imagery for French Horrors Mutants, Humains

New artwork came down today for two new French horror films that both seem more than worthy of us keeping an eye on.