Freddy Krueger

10 Upcoming Horror Toys You Absolutely Need to Own!

Thanks to companies like NECA, Mezco, McFarlane and Funko, horror fans are pretty damn spoiled when it comes to toys and collectibles. Last year our collections were bulked up with some of the coolest and most unique horror toys of all time and this year is set to be no different...

Get a Better Look at NECA's Ultimate Freddy!

Collectibles company NECA always hits it out of the park with their stuff, but this? This is awesome. Behold their 30th Anniversary Ultimate Freddy Krueger Figure in all its scarred and charred glory! Ultimate indeed!

NECA Brings 30th Anniversary Ultimate Freddy Krueger Figure Up from the Boiler Room

Toy company NECA has been doing one hell of a job in recent years when it comes to pleasing Freddy Krueger fans, and last year saw the release of a retro-style action figure as well as one inspired by the infamous Nightmare on Elm Street video game.

NECA Goes Retro with Freddy and Jason

NECA is at it again! The action figure specialists are taking two of the greatest slashers of all time - A Nightmare on Elm Street‘s Freddy Krueger and Friday the 13th‘s Jason Voorhees - and are releasing them as 8-inch tall, retro-style poseable dolls with fabric clothing.

8-Bit Freddy Spreads His Flaps and Shows Us His Box

Arguably one of the best parts about NECA's 8-Bit Jason figure is the packaging itself, which perfectly mimics the packaging of the original Nintendo Entertainment System video game. Their upcoming Freddy figure follows suit! Take a look inside!

Chucky vs. Leprechaun or Freddy?! Don Mancini Talks the Future of Chucky at London's FrightFest

The UK's Film4 FrightFest kicked off in London last night, and Curse of Chucky director Don Mancini and star Fiona Dourif were in attendance for the world premiere of the uncut version of the next installment in the saga of killer doll Chucky.

NECA Makes Good on 8-Bit Freddy Promise!

Hot on the heels of their San Diego Comic-Con exclusive 8-Bit Jason collectible (which sold out quicker than a camper could ever last out in the Crystal Lake woods), NECA Toys has unveiled their 8-Bit Freddy figure based on the Nintendo Entertainment System video game, A Nightmare on Elm Street.

#SDCC 2013: NECA Announces Godzilla Licence; Teases 8-Bit Freddy Figure

The San Diego Comic-Con is a maddeningly busy event and it's hard to stay on top of every little thing. We try though, damn it, and as a result we've nailed down a couple of interesting tidbits for you.

NECA Has Freddy Playing with Power

Who could forget the scene in Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare when everyone's favorite son of a hundred maniacs busts out his trusty powerglove and begins stomping a helpless teenager into the ground Super Mario style? NECA Toys remembers all too well!

NECA Accessorizes Your Dream Maniac with Freddy's Furnace

We, just like you, often sit here staring at our 7" Freddy action figures from NECA and think to ourselves, "Man, it would be so cool to have a tiny furnace for him to be posed in front of." Well, just like that our prayers have been answered.

Doctor Gash's Top 10 Greatest Horror Movies... EVER! #8 - A Nightmare on Elm Street

Assuming I haven't been run out of town on a rail by you Dreadies after the first two films on this list, I'll carry on with the next entry. It's completely coincidental that two of the first three films on this list are directed by Wes Craven; the dude just made some badass films.

Orlando's Freak Show Horror Film Festival to Honor Robert Englund on October 28th

Hey, horror fans in the Orlando area, it's time to sharpen your Freddy gloves and bust out your red and green sweaters as you won't want to miss out when genre icon Robert Englund receives a Lifetime Achievement Award during the Freak Show Horror Film awards ceremony.

NECA Unveils Another 2012 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive: B&W Comic Book Freddy

NECA has released details on another of its 2012 SDCC exclusives, and fans of A Nightmare on Elm Street will want to pay close attention as it's a B&W Comic Book Freddy as seen in The Dream Child!

Incredible New Freddy Collectible Will Have You Tossing Your Wallet into the Furnace

As avid horror memorabilia collectors, we've been known to toss a lot of cash around for things that really only have value to us. However, every now and again something comes along so friggin' cool it would have value to anyone. This is one of those times.

Toy Fair 2012: Jason Voorhees, Predator, Robocop, Ash, and Freddy Krueger! We Love You, NECA!

Hold on to your asses, kids. Or better yet... go hide your credit cards, your checkbook, and close your PayPal accounts lest you give up your children's college funds to get your claws into every one of these bad boys from NECA!