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Bates Motel Recap: Episode 1.06 - The Truth

Norma was really dedicated to her lie about Keith Summer's murder last week, wasn't she? You know that her joy would only be shortlived. Now that Norma has learn the worst of Deputy Shelby, what would she do to him next?

New Photos from Bates Motel Episode 1.06 - The Truth

Tomorrow night A&E's extremely entertaining "Bates Motel" promises to give us "The Truth" and nothing but the truth in Episode 1.06. Check out a few new stills from the ep to see if they shed any light on the chaos to come.

Spend an Evening with the Cast and Creators of Bates Motel at Paley Center on May 10th

On May 10th The Paley Center for Media is celebrating "Bates Motel" with a special episode preview screening and conversation with members of the cast and creative team.

Go Inside Bates Motel Episode 1.05 - Ocean View

A&E has posted an "Inside" look at "Bates Motel" Episode 1.05, "Ocean View," which aired this past Monday night. If you're anything like us, you want all you can get about the show so of course we have it right here!

Preview of and First Still from Bates Motel Episode 1.06 - The Truth

For the last few weeks "Bates Motel" has veered dangerously close toward soap opera territory, but what can we say? We are still loving it! Check out a preview and the first still from next week's Episode 1.06, "The Truth."

Bates Motel Recap: Episode 1.05 - Ocean View

What's your take on Deputy Shelby? Whose side is he on? Now that Norma has been arrested, we'll have to watch and see how she would get herself out of that jam. Let's hope both mother and son are not separated for too long in tonight's episode.

Image Gallery for Bates Motel Episode 1.05 - Ocean View

Ready for tonight's Episode 1.05 of "Bates Motel," entitled "Ocean View"? We sure are, and to help pass the time between now and its premiere, we have a gallery to share with over a dozen new images.

Take a Quick Look at Bates Motel: Episode 1.05 - Ocean View

It's hard to believe that we're already a month into A&E's hit series "Bates Motel," but it's cooking along rather nicely. Things are really beginning to move, and on tap for you now is a look at next week's episode of motherly madness as well as a behind-the-scenes look at last night's ep!

Bates Motel Recap: Episode 1.04 - Trust Me

How do you feel about the small-town intrigue in the show? After what Norman saw in the basement last week, we hope to learn more about the town in tonight's episode. That and more creepy mother-son bonding. It's always a plus to watch Vera Farmiga and Freddy Highmore together.

A&E Orders a Second Season of Bates Motel

Well, that certainly didn't take long! With the first season of "Bates Motel" premiering as the most-watched scripted drama in A&E history in key demographics, it's no surprise the network has picked up the show for another season.

Image Gallery and Another Preview of Bates Motel Episode 1.04 - Trust Me

More small-town intrigue and mother-son bonding are heading our way tonight in Episode 1.04 of "Bates Motel," entitled "Trust Me," and if you need some additional enticement to check in, here are a new preview video and a hefty image gallery from the ep.

Trust Us - You Don't Want to Miss This New Still and Promo for Bates Motel Episode 1.04 - Trust Me

We were lucky to see the first three episodes of "Bates Motel" before they aired, but now we're in the same boat as everyone else, having to wait until Monday for a new installment. Here's a look at the upcoming Episode 1.04, "Trust Me."

Take a Look Inside Bates Motel Episode 1.03 - What's Wrong with Norman?

A&E has provided an inside look at last night's third episode of "Bates Motel," the aptly title "What's Wrong with Norman?," in which the show's writers reveal a new twist to the story and the actors talk about the changes with their characters.

Bates Motel Recap: Episode 1.03 - What's Wrong With Norman?

Are you digging "Bates Motel" as much as we are? In addition to learning more about Norman and his mother, we got to see that the town isn't as normal as everyone thought it was. Moreover, both Vera Farmiga and Freddy Highmore were mesmerizing to watch, don't you think?

Download the Bates Motel Sketchbook via iTunes NOW!

Been wanting to take a really good look at the sketchbook young Norman Bates found in A&E's hit show "Bates Motel"? Well, now you can as the whole thing is available right now from iTunes as a download! Go ahead, take some time and go a little mad!