Fred Olen Ray

Low Budget Horror Flick Spidora Trying to Spin its Web

We generally shy away from reporting on Kickstarters, but I’m willing to make an exception in the case of Spidora because it’s a short film with a premise that sounds so bizarre I kind of want to see it.

Things Go Bump and Grind in the Night in this Trailer for After Midnight

When exotic dancer Duffy is murdered, her sister, a TV newscaster, goes undercover to find out what happened... trouble is, Duffy has come back from the dead, seeking her own revenge in this “Twin Peaks” inspired horror thriller from Fred Olen Ray.

Super Shark (2011)

Starring Sarah Lieving, John Schneider, Tim Abell, Jimmie Walker, Jerry Lacy, Rebecca Grant Directed by Fred Olen Ray

Dino Wolf (2011)

Starring Maxwell Caulfield, Steven Lee Allen, Dawn Ann Billings, Kristen Howe, Gil Gerard Directed by Fred Olen Ray

Chum the DVD Waters for Super Shark in February

Are you ready for a giant shark that can walk on land? Are you ready to see a giant shark walk on land? Then you’re ready for Super Shark? If you’re not, you better get ready because this whale of a killer that makes Jaws look like Flipper is surfacing on DVD in early February.

Mutant Space Maggots Invade the Earth

Maggots sounds like a B-movie after my own heart. Monstrous maggots from outer space, brought to life via decidedly low-tech rubber monster special effects work. They don’t make enough of them like this anymore.

Fred Olen Ray's Dino Wolf Gets a New Title, Trailer, and Release Date

When last we reported on Fred Olen Ray’s newest foray into CGI-free creature featuredom, it was titled Dire Wolf. The distributors must not have liked the word “dire” because the title is now Dino Wolf. Hey, that “dino” suffix sure has done b-movie wonders for crocs and sharks so why not a mammal for a change?

A Whale of a Killer, He Makes Jaws Look Like Flipper, It's Super Shark!

Last week may have been “Shark Week” on TV, but this music video trailer for Fred Olen Ray’s Super Shark set to the tune of a blacksploitation styled theme song composed and performed by legendary R&B crooner Harvey Scales is the true discovery.

New Super Shark Trailer Delivers the Super

Just when The Asylum though they had the market cornered on movies featuring mega-sized sharks, here comes Fred Olen Ray's Super Shark to up the ante with a giant land-walking shark that does battle with a walking Sherman tank mech.

No Escape from Super Shark Attack on Land, Sea or Air

In the race to come up with the most outlandish maneating sea animal flick, it appears b-movie legend Fred Olen Ray is out to give Sharktopus a run for its money. As you'll see in this "Shark Week" parody teaser trailer for his latest creature feature Super Shark Attack, this gigantic shark not only rules the ocean as the ultimate predator and can "Air Jaws" with the best of them, you won't even be able to escape on shore now because this sucker can walk on dry land.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Evil Toons

In honor of its 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD release, this week's Motion Picture Purgatory takes a look at 1990's now classic live-action/animated B-movie Evil Toons.

Fred Olen Ray Pitting Sasquatch vs. Chupacabra

You would think Bigfoot battling a Chupacabra would be a bit of a mismatch given the incredible size difference between the two. Fred Olen Ray is nonetheless readying a David vs. Goliath clash between these two cryptid titans. Sasquatch vs. Chupacabra - place your bets!

Silent Venom (DVD)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Luke Perry, Krista Allen, Louis Mandylor, Tom Berenger Directed by Fred Olen Ray Distributed by Fox Home Entertainment

Venom Runs Silent

Since we've already had Snakes on a Plane and Snakes on a Train, that means both air and land are covered. Which must mean it’s now time for the snakes to go underwater? That's exactly what we'll get when Silent Venom surfaces onto DVD this June - snakes in a sub.

Exclusive: First Look at Olen Ray's Dire Wolf!

From the creator of Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers comes the gory prehistoric mutant monster rampage Dire Wolf. Prepare to experience "One Terror B.C."