NOT SAFE FOR WORK: Top 13 WTF Moments in Horror

The big payoff moment. The money shot. The OMG/WTF/NSFW scene in horror. These are the moments that define films. The moment that either grosses out and disgusts or shocks the audience in such a way that they have to come back for the sequel. Here are our Top 13 WTF Moments in Horror.

Check Out Some Classic Horror in Dallas This Thursday, September 15th

Texas has become a hotbed of horror, and Dallas is the epicenter. With the massive haunt season just kicking off this weekend, it's only appropriate that one of DFW's coolest venues hosts a night of classic horror. La Grange, in the historic Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas, is hosting a double-feature this Thursday, September 15th, that genre fans in the area won't want to miss.

Domain of the Damned Comes to DVD

A few months ago a friend of mine handed me a copy of a movie called Domain of the Damned, directed by Stacy Davidson. At the time I had no idea who Stacy Davidson was, but the movie sounded cool enough so I gave it a shot.