Toy Fair 2010: Funko Brings The Bobbleheads!

Fans of those strange mixed-up collectibles known as bobbleheads will have lots of reasons to get their classic horror movie monster groove on as Funko Toys just let loose a fresh batch of them at this year's Toy Fair show in New York!

Toy Fair 2010: Mezco's Mez-itz: A Unique Take On Our Favorite Monsters

If you're unfamiliar with Mezco's line of Mez-itz collectibles, you're in for a real treat. Basically they take the look of your favorite character, turn it on its head, and make it ... well ... cute! I like my horror as visceral as the next guy, but it is really kind of hard not to dig on these little guys.

Dean R. Koontz's Frankenstein Rises!

With the success of this weekend's The Wolfman, it seems as if the spotlight is once again poised on the famous monsters of yesteryear. Hollywood is now talking a big screen adaptation of acclaimed horror author Dean R. Koontz's telling of Frankenstein with the hopes of turning it into a new franchise.

Danny Boyle to Direct Frankenstein for UK's National Theatre

Oscar winner Danny Boyle is returning to his theatre roots as part of the National Theatre's second season for 2010 with a new adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Boyle will make his debut at the respected venue directing Nick Dear's play as a "large-scale and theatrically and visually ambitious stage production."

Bruce Campbell Vs. Frankenstein! Gimme Some Stitches, Baby!

His name is Bruce Campbell, and this time he's fighting Frankenstein. We may never see Campbell in a Bubba Ho-Tep sequel or another installment in the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness franchise, but it looks as if we are definitely getting a follow-up to Campbell's self-parodying My Name is Bruce.

Gris Grimly Unveils a New Illustration for His Frankenstein Book

It's not scheduled for release until fall of 2011, but artist/author Gris Grimly posted online via Twitter another drawing for his upcoming illustrated Frankenstein book. It may seem simple, but, in Grimly's words, "I look at this image and see this sole icon representing the overall tone of the book."

Ulli Lommel Has Ken Foree Sniping and Frankenstein Wrestling

Could it be that after years of making no-budget, nearly plotless, factually inaccurate, pseudo-art films based on the exploits of real-life mass murders (like Nightstalker, review here), Ulli Lommel is actually about to try his hand at making a real motion picture, albeit still a really low budget and possibly factually inaccurate film based on a real-life serial killer? How else does one explain Ken Foree signing on to star in Lommel's take on the DC Sniper?

Fox 2000 Gets Frank

Another retooling of a classic is headed our way courtesy of Fox 2000 as the studio announced tonight that a new take on the tale of Frankenstein is headed our way! This one with a foothold in the *gulp* romantic-comedy arena.

Beauties and Their Beasts in the Horror Genre

Throughout history there have been tales, legends, what-have-you about beautiful women and their effect on creatures considered unworthy or dangerous or abominations. The “love of a good woman” scenario carried to an extreme as these women do indeed usually fall in love with their hideous “captors”.

Gullermo del Toro Picks His Frankenstein

In the Creepy household one monster reigns supreme -- Frankenstein's monster! We have Frankenstein everything! When visionary director Guillermo del Toro first started talking about directing his version of the timeless tale, there was much rejoicing. He's the perfect choice for a re-envisioning. In a recent interview del Toro let it slip whom he has in mind for the role.

Famous Monsters Hit the Big Screen in LA

Famous Monsters of Filmland is thrilled to be able to share a two-day double feature event at the end of May with the American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles, California. Saturday, May 30th, will be adorned with a double bill of Son of Frankenstein (1939) followed by Ghost of Frankenstein (1942). Sunday goes for the famous leading vampire with the classic Dracula (1931) as well as House of Dracula (1945).

Feed Your Frankenstein

Well, it's Saturday. You've got nothin' to do. Why not take in a bit of horror culture? I refer of course to the first-ever film version of Mary Shelley's timeless tale Frankenstein.

Medicom's Mickey Mouse as Frankenstein

Medicom Toys has had a Disney license for some time now, and for good reason. Not only are their releases spot on, but they throw in unexpected twists on beloved characters. Disney may not delve into our world often, but Medicom is making sure we get some killer collectibles.

'Zine Review: Rue Morgue #85

Issue #85 December 2008 As is my tradition, allow me to first point out how incredibly badass the art is for the latest issue of Rue Morgue. Another spectacular piece by Ghoulish Gary Pullin!

Del Toro Talks Frankenstein

Good news for those of us sick of remakes: Guillermo del Toro’s not planning on once again adapting Mary Shelley’s classic novel to the big screen when he finally gets around to doing Frankenstein, only one of the dozens of projects he’s attached to work on when The Hobbit is done. I’ll allow him to explain: