New Art and U.S. Theatre Listings - Danny Boyle's Frankenstein

Oh, happy day! The complete movie theatre listings for Danny Boyle's stage production of Frankenstein are here, and you'll be happy to know it's opening pretty damned wide! See if it's playing by you and take a gander at the new one-sheet!

Trailer Debut - Danny Boyle's Frankenstein

Though we're still a ways away from finding out where we Stateside folks will be able to see a broadcast of Danny Boyle's stage play of Frankenstein, the show is getting ready to hit UK cinemas, and we've got the trailer for you right here!

Three Hammer Legacy Soundtracks Coming from Silva Screen

As horror fans know better than anyone, the best way to beef up a film's mood and atmosphere is through the use of music, and few did that better than the composers who worked for Hammer Films in its heyday. Which is why we're thrilled to pass on the news that three new compilations of Hammer film soundtrack music will be made available through Silva Screen on March 28th.

Danny Boyle's Frankenstein to be Broadcast Via Satellite

Great news for anyone not in the UK who's been green with envy since the initial announcement of Danny Boyle's stage adaptation of Frankenstein last year! Looks as if we're getting the next best thing!

Summit Entertainment to Work for Frankenstein in This Dark Endeavor

A new Frankenstein movie is on the way (oh, how I love typing that out) from Summit Entertainment that will show what it's like working for the madman and dealing with his monster.

CONTEST CLOSED! UK Readers: Win a Copy of the Current Issue of SCREAM Magazine

Our friends across the pond at SCREAM Magazine are offering three lucky Dread Central readers in the UK a chance to win a copy of the latest issue of SCREAM, Britain's all new premier horror magazine.

Sony Pictures Working on a New Take on Frankenstein

Growing up as a horror fan, there were few characters I was able to relate to more than Frankenstein's monster. There are tons of fans out there who feel the same exact way so for better or worse, the character has become one of the most beloved icons in film history. Being fully aware of this, Sony Pictures is going to the well again to bring forth a new telling of this classic story.

Casting News for Danny Boyle's Production of Frankenstein for UK's National Theatre

Early this year we learned that Oscar winner Danny Boyle would be returning to his theatre roots with a new adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein for the stage, and as of today we know who will be playing both the Monster and his creator, Dr. Frankenstein. In an interesting twist, two people will be alternating playing the roles.

Bruce vs. Frankenstein - The Expendables of Horror? Kane Hodder as the Monster? Oh My!

It's been nearly nine months since last we spoke about the Chin's follow-up to My Name is Bruce, but finally the man himself has done a little bit of blathering and of course our ever-so-vigilant ears are here to pick up the chatter for you!

Guillermo del Toro Getting Ready to Rock with Frankenstein

I'm one of the few people who didn't mind the news that visionary director Guillermo del Toro was off of The Hobbit. Don't get me wrong; it's sad to think that we'll never see what del Toro had planned for Middle Earth, but his departure would mean that he'd have more time to devote to other projects ... like his remake of Frankenstein that we've been salivating over since it was announced.

Two More Mash-Ups Coming: Sherlock Holmes and Dracula, Elvis Presley and Frankenstein

While we dig the concept of mashing up classic fiction and/or historical events with zombies and vampires, the trend is starting to become a little like 3D - it's anywhere and everywhere with no end in sight! But we have to admit we're intrigued by the two latest such projects we've heard about: The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Seance for a Vampire and Frankenstein Has Left the Building.

New Illustrations from Gris Grimly's Frankenstein

One project we're ever so patiently waiting for is Gris Grimly's illustrated Frankenstein book, due out in the fall of 2011. Luckily, the multi-talented Grimly has been doling out one illustration a week on his blog, and we've got a couple of them here so you can see why we're so excited about the project.

Want to See Your Favorite Classic Horrors Get Ultra DVD Editions or Make Their Blu-ray Debut?

I don't know about you, but I have fully embraced the Blu-ray medium and am steadily replacing all my DVDs with their high definition cousins. Some of my collection, mainly the really old classics, may never make the jump. Share my concerns? Well here's your chance to let the studios know that you do want to see these older flicks in all of their high def ghostly glory!

Monster Movies Celebrate 100th Anniversary With Marathon Webcast

Happy Birthday, monster movies! An unprecedented birthday party is planned over at the newly launched 100YearsofMonsterMovies.com website for the monster movie genre, which turns 100 years old this month. Beginning Friday, March 26, at 5PM EDT, the “100 Years of Monster Movies” campaign kicks off with a nonstop webcast of monster movies from classics like Night of the Living Dead and The Wasp Woman to modern gorefests like Creature from the Hillbilly Lagoon and Bacterium.

Restored Thomas Edison's Frankenstein on the Way!

March 18th will mark one hell of an auspicious occasion. It was on that day that the horror movie was born ... and the first creature out of the gate? The Frankenstein Monster!