Frank Stallone

Stallone. ChupaCobra. 'Nuf Said.

A Mexican farmer. A goat-sucking cryptozoological menace. A thousand other reasons to see the phenom known as ChupaCOBRA... if it were only real. Something tells me that a Kickstarter or some other crowd-funding initiative isn't far away.

Night Claws (2012)

Starring Reb Brown, Leilani Sarelle, Ted Prior, Sherrie Rose, Frank Stallone Directed by David A. Prior Remember A.I.P.?

Do Anything for an Exclusive Clip from Night Claws

We have another exclusive for you cats. On tap right now is an exclusive clip from Night Claws, the latest sliver of Sasquatchploitation which is available now on DVD from Midnight Releasing. It asks: What would you do to get away from a monster?

Bigfoot Brandishing his Night Claws on DVD Next Month

It would be easy to dismiss Night Claws as just another low budget Bigfoot movie, but if you’re a lover of b-movies, then the pedigree behind this latest piece of Sasquatchploitation makes it a must-see.

Night Claws Scratches Out a Teaser and Official Site

About a month has gone by since last we told you about the new sliver of Sasquatchploitation coming our way known as Night Claws. This flick sounded like nothing short of chicken-fried gold, and now there are even more reasons to get excited!

New Sasquatchploitation Night Claws a B-Movie Fan's Dream

What if Yor, the Hunter from the Future, Sharon Stone's lesbian lover from Basic Instinct, the star of a host of 80s/90s made-for-video action b-movies, the King of the Kickboxer's girlfriend, and Sylvester Stallone's brother got together to star in a new Sasquatchploitation flick called Night Claws from the director of such horror movies as Killer Workout and Mardi