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Exclusive: Malcolm McDowell Gives Us the Goods on The Employer

Legendary thespian Malcolm McDowell will again be in the middle of another creepy tale when The Employer is released next month by First Look Pictures. McDowell sat down with Dread Central to talk about the film and some other current projects.

Murder Is in Your Job Description with The Employer

Let's face it: It's not easy making it nowadays. The economy sucks, and the concept of steady work is like chasing a mythical unicorn. That being said, how far would you go to get a job? How badly do you want one? The Employer wants to know!

Malcolm McDowell to Hone His Death Method Skills

Stop us if you've heard this one ... five strangers wake up in a room together and ... what's that? You've heard it all before? We have too, but maybe the presence of the great Malcolm McDowell can elevate this one over the top?