Frank Henenlotter

B-Sides: These Freaks Got Personality

“Personality” was first performed by Dorothy Lamour in the 1946 film Road to Utopia. That’s not why it’s this week’s B-Sides. Being sung by a busload of human oddities in a Frank Henenlotter flick is the reason why this freakish take on “Personality” made the B-Sides.

Second Sight Opens The Basket Case Trilogy on Special Edition UK DVD/Blu-ray

“What’s in the basket?” An innocent question that forever reminds genre fans of the bloody misadventures of Duane Bradley and his not-so-conjoined twin, Belial. Second Sight brings the entire Basket Case trilogy to Blu-ray/DVD across the UK in a Special Edition. Take a peek inside...

Frankenhooker (UK Blu-ray)

Starring James Lorinz, Patty Mullen, Louise Lasser Directed by Frank Henenlotter Distributed by Arrow Video

NYC's Anthology Film Archives Presents Frank Henenlotter Film Retrospective

Some people just have a knack for certain things. Michael Jordan could play basketball like there was no tomorrow, Sam Kinison was a master of comedy, Bobby Fischer could hold his own in chess and Stu Ungar knew his way around a card table. In that vein Frank Henenlotter had his niche as well…making outrageously over-the-top and wildly entertaining films.

Exclusive: Frank Henenlotter Talks Basket Case Blu-ray; Possible Basket Case 4?

Writer/director Frank Henenlotter’s Basket Case has hit Blu-ray shelves for the first time. Amazing, huh? Released in 1982, the flick celebrates all the cheesiness and sleaze that we love about the horror genre and is undoubtedly one of the most unique low-budget horror films to ever be created.

Basket Case (Blu-ray)

Starring Kevin Van Hentenryck, Terri Susan Smith, Beverly Bonner, Robert Vogel, Diane Browne Directed by Frank Henenlotter

Make a Date with Frankenhooker on Blu-ray

I will always remember standing in my local video store in front of their horror section and pressing the button on the box of Frankenhooker 100's of times just to hear it screech "Wanna Date?" Good times! If only Synapse Films can find a way to have their upcoming Blu-ray of the flick do that!

Basket Case Hits Blu-ray! All is Right in the World!

Every now and again I question the sanity of the world that we live in. There are just so many terrifying anomalies out there that don't compute. Then a single Blu-ray announcement comes, and a glimmer of hope for our survival shines through!

Basket Case Could Be Clawing its Way to Blu-ray This October

Some interesting news came across our desk today regarding one of the greatest horror/exploitation films of the 1980s. If all goes well, horror fans will be reveling in the grimy delights of Basket Case in high definition in the very near future.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Herschell Gordon Lewis - Godfather of Gore

Fantasia 2010 is in full swing, and one of the films that has already screened is the mostly well received documentary Herschell Gordon Lewis - The Godfather of Gore. Dread Central's favorite cartoonist Rick Trembles is also a resident of Montreal and a regular attendee of the annual film fest so of course he had to weigh in with his 2 cents on the film.

NY / NJ Residents - Check Out This Bad Biology Event!

Here's a heads-up for all you lucky New York and New Jersey residents! If you've been meaning to check out Frank Henenlotter's long awaited return to cult cinema, Bad Biology, you're in luck. And Dread Central is here to keep you in the loop!

Uncle Bob Martin: A Long Thank-You to Frank, Part One

The first that I heard of Frank Henenlotter was on a perfectly awful cable tv show that aired on Manhattan's Public Access channel in the 1970s.

Bad Biology (2008)

Reviewed by Evil Andy Starring Charlee Danielson, Tom Kohut, Krista Ayne, Anthony Sneed Directed by Frank Henenlotter

Bad Biology (2008)

WARNING: In no way, shape or form is this work safe! Proceed with caution! No adequate disguiser for this phallic attitudinizer! Discuss Rick's twisted vision in the Dread Central forums!