Frank Henelotter

Bad Biology Hits DVD!

Fans have long been awaiting the arrival of Frank Henelotter's latest film, Bad Biology. Finally the flick is getting set to hit home video and the best part? You'll be able to get your hands on it in just a couple of short weeks!

Henenlotter's Bad Biology Goes Theatrical

The fiends at Fangoria have learned that some changes have gone on in the world of Bad Biology since the film was last discussed. For a while it looked like TLA Releasing would be putting out the new Henenlotter film, but negotiations didn’t go as planned so now producer R.A. Thoburn wants to put it in theaters.

Philly Gets Dangerous After Dark

I’ve never been to Philadelphia, despite the fact that I’ve been on the East Coast for almost a decade now, but if I were to make my first trip, this year’s Philadelphia International Film Festival would be a damn fine way to start.

First Look at Full Bad Biology Trailer!

Oh, man, have we been waiting for this one! Today we finally got our hands on the finished trailer for Frank (Brain Damage, Basket Case) Henenlotter’s Bad Biology, his return to horror after an 16 year absence!

New Bad Biology Art

Frank Henelotter’s return to horror, Bad Biology, had it’s debut at the European Film Market last week and now, according to the film’s MySpace page, there are ”several interesting deals on the table,” I can't wait to see who gets their hands on this one!

First Pics From Henenlotter's Bad Biology!

It’s been way too long since we last got word on Frank (Basket Case, Brain Damage) Henenlotter’s return to our beloved genre, Bad Biology (“Henenlotter Returns With Bad Biology!” – January 2007). Granted, it does take a while to get a movie made, especially when it’s low budget, shot on film and gory as hell.

Belial & Poltergeists to Prom Night

News today came crawling out of the wicker bag over at Davis DVD that Basket Case 2 will be getting a region 1 DVD release on October 30th! No more need to pay the extra cash on multi-region video players and discs now! And kiss your bootleg copy goodbye because this new release from Synapse Films features a video transfer from the original 35mm negative!

Henenlotter Returns with Bad Biology!

A few days ago there was some news over on Horror Movies.ca about a new film from Frank (Basket Case, Frankenhooker) Henenlotter called Bad Biology. Unfortunately said "news" consisted of only the title being announced so it wasn’t really worth sharing with you guys.