Frances Conroy

A Winding New Promo Teaser for American Horror Story: Aslyum Arrives

Hard to believe we're already up to Teaser #20 for "American Horror Story: Asylum," but that's where we're at. Check out "Spiral"; the powers-that-be promise this season will make your head spin!

Enter the Woods in the Latest American Horror Story: Asylum Promo Teaser; New Poster Released

We somehow missed yesterday's release of another promo teaser for "American Horror Story: Asylum," but we have it for you right here, right now along with a new poster. Enter "The Woods," but remember: There’s nothing enchanted about this forest!

Relax and Enjoy Yet Another American Horror Story: Asylum Promo Teaser

It's time for another weird promo teaser for "American Horror Story: Asylum." The one released today is entitled "Exam." Just relax... This won’t hurt a bit!

Spin Around with Another American Horror Story: Asylum Promo Teaser

Another day, another "American Horror Story: Asylum" promo teaser spins around the Internet. Because sadness is only a temporary condition. Madness, on the other hand...

Lift the Veil of the Latest American Horror Story: Asylum Promo Teaser

We're now up to teaser number 16 for FX's "American Horror Story: Asylum," and it comes with a warning: You May Not Want To Lift This Veil!

Strip Down for the Latest American Horror Story: Asylum Promo Teaser

We were pretty excited to learn last evening that the great Frances Conroy is returning to "American Horror Story," and on the heels of that announcement comes the latest Chapter 2 promo teaser. Souls aren’t the only things being bared this season!

Who's Returning to American Horror Story: Asylum as the "Ultimate Angel"?

Ryan Murphy is treating fans to a bit of a "Six Feet Under" reunion as Frances Conroy returns to "American Horror Story" for Chapter 2, entitled "Asylum," joining her former "SFU" co-star James Cromwell in the new season. She previously played fan favorite Moira in Chapter 1 of the show.

American Horror Story Leads 2012 Emmy Nominations

Well, this is a shocker: "American Horror Story" has tied "Mad Men" to lead the nominees for 2012 Emmys with 17 nominations each. It did so in the category of "Miniseries or Movie" rather than "Drama Series", but we'll take it. Read on to learn what other genre shows are in the running - yes, "The Walking Dead" makes an appearance!

American Horror Story Season 2 - The Search Begins for the New Cast

In probably one of the most ballsy moves in television history, the "Glee" team of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk killed off almost the entire cast of its "American Horror Story", leaving fans wondering what's on tap for Season 2. Recently during the Television Critics Association event FX president and general manager John Landgraf offered some insight.

Reflect on Season 1 of American Horror Story and Go Behind-the-Scenes of the Afterbirth Finale

Now that a few days have passed since the finale of "American Horror Story" Season 1, FX has released a couple of new videos that look back at the season as a whole and specifically Episode 1.12, the stunning "Afterbirth" that wrapped things up until the show's return next year in an all new location.

Several Stills from the Season Finale of American Horror Story

We're just a few days away from the season finale of "American Horror Story" on FX, and while we wonder what the heck series creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have planned for us, here are a few slightly spoilerish stills from Episode 1.12, "Afterbirth". Is it just us, or has the Rubber Man put on a few pounds?

A Preview of American Horror Story Episode 1.12 - Afterbirth

Well, that was certainly an interesting twist in last night's episode of "American Horror Story", right? Without saying too much in case some of our readers haven't watched "Birth" yet, here's a preview of the season finale, entitled "Afterbirth", which we have to say we are simply chomping at the bit to see. Next Wednesday cannot get here soon enough!

Have a Few Million Lying Around? Then You Can Own the American Horror Story House!

The now famous Los Angeles home seen on FX's haunting hit series "American Horror Story" is up for sale, and if you have a cool $10 million lying around, it could be yours!

A Special Preview Clip from American Horror Story Episode 1.11 - Birth

We're inching closer and closer to the season finale of "American Horror Story" on FX, but first there are babies to be birthed! Vivien's due date is here, and we have a clip from the upcoming Episode 1.11, "Birth", which sadly doesn't reveal anything about the twins but instead shows Ben (finally) taking an interest in what Violet has been up to.

More Behind-the-Scenes Videos from American Horror Story

There's a lot to be said for looking back before moving forward, and luckily for fans of "American Horror Story", FX seems to agree with that sentiment because today they've released more behind-the-scenes videos for the series that examine the casting process for the show as well as what went into filming Episodes 1.09, "Spooky Little Girl", and 1.10, "Smoldering Children".