Celebrate Sabbath with a Sneak Peek of Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.10 - The Golem

"Sleepy Hollow" returns on Monday night with Episode 1.10, "The Golem," and Fox has provided a sneak peek that includes commentary by star Tom Mison and writer/co-exec producer Jose Molina.

Hunt the Predator Game Online NOW!

The original Predator will be hitting stores in 3D on Blu-ray this coming December 17th in an amazing way, but you don't have to wait that long to start your hunt. In fact, you can begin right now!

Return to the Scene of the Crime with These New Videos for The Following

It's time for a terrifying new chapter of "The Following" to begin, but first Fox is returning to the "Scene of the Crime" with a pair of new videos that descend into the darkness.

First Still from The Following Episode 2.01 - Resurrection

With "The Following" Season 2 set to premiere in just a little over six weeks, the first official still from Episode 2.01, "Resurrection," has arrived. Check it out to see the new look Valorie Curry (Emma) will be sporting when the show returns.

Sleepy Hollow Casts Victor Garber in Key Role

From top to bottom, "Sleepy Hollow" has been sheer perfection all season long, and this latest bit of casting news does nothing to alter our opinion in that regard. Read on to learn who has been signed to play Ichabod's father.

Daniel Radcliffe Is a Hairy Potter in Frankenstein

The first look at Daniel Radcliffe as Igor in 20th Century Fox's next stab at the classic tale of Frankenstein has arrived via The Sun, and we have the eye candy right here. Look for the flick in theatres on January 6, 2015.

The Following Casting News: Two More Familiar Faces Sign on for Season 2

A couple more roles have been filled for Season 2 of "The Following," one of which is recurring with the other being a guest star. Read on for the details of who from Paranormal Activity 2 and "The Killing" will next be seen on the popular Fox series.

See a Half-Dozen New Images from Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.10 - The Golem

As we mentioned last night when posting the preview of Episode 1.10, "The Golem," "Sleepy Hollow" is off for the next two weeks, but its return on December 9th includes another visit with guest star John Noble. Here are some new stills from the ep to keep you company until then.

See a Preview of John Noble's Return in Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.10 - The Golem

There's no new "Sleepy Hollow" next week; instead Fox is repeating the "Blood Moon" episode. But that's okay. We're willing to wait an extra few days if it means the return of guest star John Noble... which it does! Here's a preview of Episode 1.10, "The Golem," airing December 9th.

Two More Sneak Peeks of Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.09 - Sanctuary

A couple more clips have arrived from tonight's Episode 1.09 of "Sleepy Hollow," entitled "Sanctuary," so take refuge from the pre-Thanksgiving hustle and bustle and check 'em out here!

Another Sleepy Hollow 'Corbin File' Unearthed in The Tunnels; New Clips from Episode 1.09 - Sanctuary

It's tricky to pull off effective viral marketing, but Fox is doing a pretty good job with its "Corbin Files" videos for "Sleepy Hollow," and a new one has just come in, along with a few clips from Episode 1.09, "Sanctuary."

New Cast Photos and a Change in Premiere Dates for The Following Season 2

With the success of its two-night premiere "event" for "Almost Human," Fox is trying a similar approach for the return of "The Following" and has moved the Season 2 premiere back one night to Sunday, January 19th, with another episode airing in its regular time period on Monday, the 20th.

Unmask This New Promo for The Following Season 2

If you watched last night's episode of "American Horror Story: Coven" and didn't FF through all the commercials, you saw this latest promo for "The Following," which expands on the new photo of Emma we showed you this morning. If you missed it, you can check it out now right here.

The Following Gets a Facelift in This New Promo Photo for Season 2

For us, "The Following" started out great but lost steam quickly. So we're hoping Season 2's reboot can get it back on track. One step in the right direction is this new promo photo featuring Emma (Valorie Curry) and a creepy mask.

Promo for Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.09 Offers Sanctuary

"Sleepy Hollow" has returned strong from its brief hiatus during the World Series with great episodes both last week and last night. Will next week's Episode 1.09, "Sanctuary," give us a triple? Check out this preview for a few clues of what happens when sleeping evils are awoken.