Joe Becomes the Follower in this New Promo for The Following Episode 2.07 - Sacrifice

We only get a glimpse of guest star Lee Tergesen in this new promo for "The Following" Episode 2.07, "Sacrifice," and from the look on his face, he's up to no good. Check it out, and expect some clips from the ep over the weekend.

Another New Follower Joins the Cast of Fox's The Following

Joe Carroll has a new follower who'll be joining the fray in "The Following" Season 2 as it's just been announced that Mackenzie Marsh (Hiding in the Open) has signed on for a recurring guest role as Tilda.

Get an Insider Look at The Following Episode 2.06 - Fly Away

This week's Episode 2.06 of "The Following," entitled "Fly Away," contains a scene in which planes, cars, and helicopters help Joe escape; and here's an "Insider" look at the sequence with the cast and crew. If you missed it, the ep repeats Saturday night.

Another Hairy Look at Daniel Radcliffe in Frankenstein

Some more imagery of Daniel Radcliffe as Igor in 20th Century Fox's next stab at the classic tale of Frankenstein has arrived via the Daily Mail, and we have the eye candy right here. Look for the flick in theatres on January 6, 2015.

Kristina Klebe Set for Two-Episode Guest Starring Role on The Following

So far the best part of this season of "The Following" has been its guest stars, and word has just come of another one heading our way that will definitely keep us watching the show at least through March! Read on for the details.

New Photos from The Following Ep. 2.07 - Sacrifice Tease the Episode's Guest Stars

Jake Weber ("Medium," Dawn of the Dead 2004) guest stars in next week's Episode 2.07 of "The Following," as does Lee Tergesen ("Oz," The Collection). Will you "Sacrifice" some of your time to see if these photos and promo reveal what side they're on?

Two More Clips from The Following Episode 2.06 - Fly Away - Reveal a Troubling Situation

In two new clips from "Fly Away," Ep. 2.06 of "The Following," Lily and Luke agree that Ryan must pay while Max tends to her uncle's wounds. New cast members Sam Underwood, Jessica Stroup, and especially Connie Nielsen really shine in these scenes.

Sprout Wings and Fly Away to See a Sneak Peek of The Following Episode 2.06

A clip from next Monday night's Episode 2.06 of "The Following," entitled "Fly Away," has arrived in which Ryan and his team offer Lily a trade of Luke for Joe. Given the FBI's track record on the show, we're pretty sure something's going to screw that up.

Get an Insider Look at The Following Episode 2.05 - Reflection

Season 2 of "The Following" is still a rather uneven experience, but so far we're finding it a definite improvement over Season 1. Any of you guys still watching? If so, check out an "Insider" look at this past Monday night's Episode 2.05, "Reflection." Not caught up? It repeats this Saturday!

You Won't Need to Fly Away to See these New Images from The Following Episode 2.06

Are Joe and Lily a match made in heaven... or in hell? After the events of last night, we're anxious to see what these two have up their sleeves in next week's Episode 2.06 of "The Following," entitled "Fly Away." Check out this new batch of stills for clues.

These Two Clips from The Following Episode 2.05 - Reflection Hurt So Good!

A pair of sneak peeks have arrived from tonight's Episode 2.05 of "The Following," entitled "Reflection." Lily asks Luke to keep Emma occupied while she tries to finagle some alone time with Joe; meanwhile Max injures her hand punching a suspect but also gets a rush out of the experience.

Go Inside The Following Ep. 2.04 - Family Affair; Catch Up on Season 2

Wonder how "The Following" pulled off such an intense fight in the middle of Grand Central Station? Here's an inside look at Ep. 2.04, "Family Affair," plus a quick Season 2 recap of the action thus far and a few sneak peeks of what's ahead.

Reflect on These New Stills from The Following Episode 2.05 - Reflection

We're still sticking with "The Following" despite the eye-rollingly bad "reveal" at the end of this week's episode. Can things get back on track in Episode 2.05, "Reflection"? While we wait to find out, here are a batch of stills, a promo, and a preview of the ep.

Several Sneak Peeks and a Dozen Stills from The Following Episode 2.04 - Family Affair

"The Following" pulled off a pretty neat twist in its last installment so we're anxious to see where the season leads next. If you are too, here are three clips and a dozen images from Ep. 2.04, "Family Affair," plus a featurette introducing Mandy.

Trust Me - You Want to See this Sneak Peek of The Following Episode 2.03

"The Following" star Shawn Ashmore says that the upcoming Episode 2.03, "Trust Me," will feature the series' most shocking twist yet, taking Season 2 "into new directions." Check out this sneak peek for clues of what's ahead.