Make a Date with Jennifer's Body

The new horror-comedy written by screen-scribe Diablo Cody, and directed by Karyn Kusama, Jennifer's Body starring Megan Fox has finally been granted a release date from 20th Century Fox.

The Day Fox Stoppped The Asylum

On December 16th, The Asylum is set to release The Day The Earth Stopped, their mockbuster version of Fox's big budget The Day The Earth Stood Still remake starring Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly opening on December 12th. At least that was the plan. I know from my communications with past Asylum employees that they've raised the ire of Hollywood studios before, but never before has it led to legal action - until now.

Dougherty Talks Werewolf Show Bitches

It’s about goddamn time someone tried to get werewolves back on primetime TV. Sure there have been some shows since “Werewolf: The Series” that have made minimal effort, but it sounds like Trick ‘r Treat director Michael Dougherty’s Fox show “Bitches” will be the one we’ve been waiting for.

Chucky Takes Manhattan

I’ve seen some weird shit in the few times I’ve been in Times Square, but man this takes the cake. As you can see from the image below, 20th Century Fox unleashed an army of Chuckys into the heart of Manhattan on Tuesday to promote the release of the Child’s Play: 20th Birthday Edition DVD (review). Instead they promoted normal, everyday citizens wetting themselves, cause these are just ... freaky.

Monster Mania 11 Swag Report

Monster Mania 11 is just around the corner (August 22-24th to be precise) in Cherry Hill, NJ, so it’s time to show you what Dread Central is bringing to the table ... physically more than metaphorically! Every Monster Mania, Dread sets up shop just within the show's entrance to dish out free swag to the attendees from companies cranking out the bloody best and beyond. Here’s what’s on tap...

Signed Mirrors Jaw-Rip Photo Winners!

Hope you guys dug Mirrors this past weekend! Though some of the opinions of it have been mixed, no one can deny that this is one badass pic! The following five are the lucky winners of the 8x10 Mirrors "jaw-rip" photo, signed by Alexandre Aja himself! MICHELLE BERRY MICHAEL PEASE JOHN WREN TRACY TABIN THOMAS SEMESKY Thanks to everyone who entered and of course to Fox for providing the badass prizes!

SDCC 08: On the Fringe of Preview Night

Our man Nomad and crew have been providing pictures and scoops from Comic-Con fast as lightning, but I thought you might also like to hear about some of the goings-on at this year’s event. Last night was what they call “Preview Night,” and if it’s any indication of what the next few days are going to be like, I suggest everyone who’s attending wear comfortable shoes and get ready for a lot of standing in line.

Believe in the X-Files Widget

The official site for the second theatrical installment of The X-Files has been updated to include a sweet widget and ringtones for your phone.

*Updated!* New Mirrors Featurette & Pics!

Having seen a good portion of Alexandre Aja's Mirrors in the editing room, I was a bit disappointed in the official trailer that just came online. It felt completely generic, like a bad Ghost House Pictures movie. As a response, the good people at Fox threw us this juicy new featurette, which is a much better representation of the nightmarish, eye-popping nature of the flick. Beware of a few brief spoilers!

X-Files International Trailer Returns

A few days ago an international trailer for the upcoming X-Files: I Want to Believe feature appeared on the giant series of tubes known as the interwebs. It was promptly taken down, but has since resurfaced on YouTube. Perhaps this time it will stick around longer than an hour.

Fringe Trailer Found!

Now this is what I’m talking about! I knew JJ Abrams new show, "Fringe", would be something cool, but I didn’t hope it’d be as cool as this trailer makes it look. Arrow in the Head got their diseased hands on it today and we’re sharing it with you (we’ll wear gloves, though). Check it out below!

More Details for Abrams' Fringe

More details have finally come forth for the new show created by JJ Abrams ("Lost", "Alias"), "Fringe". For the longest time all we've known about it is that it deals with a detective forced to team up with a genius who's been institutionalized for the last two decades.

First Look at Dollhouse Cast!

Our man “Hunter” just gave us another heads up, this time pointing us to Wired Magazine’s blog, which landed itself the first cast pic from Joss Whedon’s “Dollhouse”.

X-Files 2 Trailer is Here

Though I still will hold on tightly to my lack of caring about anything X-Files, especially when the sequel got one of the most idiotic subtitles I’ve ever heard (I Want to Believe, in case you missed it), I know you guys will probably eat this up.

Whedon's Dollhouse Set for Mid-Season

Hey, all you Joss Whedon junkies, whose number I proudly count myself among. As you may have noticed, there’s more and more news out there about new TV shows being picked up, so of course the question of Whedon’s new one, “Dollhouse” with former Slayer Eliza Dushku, has been asked.