See Another Preview of Under the Dome Season 2; Go Behind the Scenes of the Special Effects

Tonight CBS is airing "Under the Dome: Inside Chester's Mill," and to get you ready for that and the show's return next week, they've released a couple of new videos, one a preview and another that goes behind the scenes.

Get a Sneak Peek of CBS's Under the Dome: Inside Chester's Mill Special

If you've been following our coverage of the return of "Under the Dome" to CBS, you already know the network is airing "Under the Dome: Inside Chester's Mill" a week before the show's Season 2 premiere, and we have a sneak peek of it right here!

Fox's Frankenstein Retitled to Victor Frankenstein; Official Synopsis Revealed

There was Rocky and then Rocky Balboa. There was Rambo and then there was John Rambo. Thanks to a quick name change, what was 20th Century Fox's take on Frankenstein is now Victor Frankenstein!

Go Behind the Scenes of Under the Dome Episode 2.01 - Heads Will Roll

CBS has released yet another behind-the-scenes video for "Under the Dome," and this one focuses on the Season 2 premiere episode, "Heads Will Roll," which airs in a little less than two weeks. Check it out, and expect lots more soon!

Go Behind the Scenes of Under the Dome with the Cast and Crew

In just two weeks "Under the Dome" returns to CBS, and to help get you ready, CBS has released a new behind-the-scenes video in which the cast and crew remind us where we left off last season as we look forward to Season 2.

Stephen King Sets the Scene for Under the Dome Episode 2.01 - Heads Will Roll

Looking for more clues about what's going to transpire when "Under the Dome" returns with Episode 2.01, "Heads Will Roll"? Then how about listening to author Stephen King read from his script for the ep? It's short but very sweet!

See More Images from and a New Preview of Under the Dome Episode 2.01 - Heads Will Roll

A few weeks ago we saw the first batch of images from "Under the Dome" Episode 2.01, entitled "Heads Will Roll," and now today we're back with over a half dozen more plus a new preview.

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 – Exclusive Red Carpet Interviews and Premiere Date Info

Amongst the headstones at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood, fans gathered to catch a glimpse of their beloved headless horseman TV show, Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow”, which will be returning for a much-anticipated second season on September 22nd.

CBS Airing Under the Dome: Inside Chester's Mill on June 23; Official Synopsis of Episode 2.01 - Heads Will Roll

We already knew Episode 2.01 of "Under the Dome" is called "Heads Will Roll," but now we have the official synopsis plus word on a special about the show that CBS will be airing a week before the Season 2 premiere.

Two More New Roles Cast in Sleepy Hollow Season 2

We're counting the days until "Sleepy Hollow" returns to Fox in the fall, and to help fill the time, we have news on two new characters who are joining the show during its sophomore season. Read on to learn whom Matt Barr and Sakina Jaffrey will be portraying.

Embark on a Mysterious Mission with the Official Trailer for Wayward Pines

This new trailer for "Wayward Pines," heading to Fox in 2015, has a suitably spooky, "Twin Peaks"-ish vibe, and it's certainly chock-full of the type of stars we used to only see in the movies. It's a good time for horror on TV for sure! Check it out, and let us know what you think.

Get Your First Look at Wayward Pines with Matt Dillon and M. Night Shyamalan

Was yesterday's trailer for Fox's upcoming event series "Wayward Pines" just not enough for you? Then how does another 3-1/2-minute look featuring commentary by producer M. Night Shyamalan and star Matt Dillon sound? Dig in!

Fox Unveils a Teaser Trailer for Wayward Pines

We learned this morning that we have to wait until sometime next year to see Fox's "Wayward Pines," which is produced by M. Night Shyamalan, but to satisfy our curiosity a bit, the network has released a trailer for the show, which you can see right here!

Fox Announces 2014-15 Lineup: Gotham Teamed with Sleepy Hollow; Gracepoint Teamed with Bones; Wayward Pines Held for 2015

As expected, Fox TV's 2014-15 lineup is light on horror aside from returning series "Sleepy Hollow," but we do have a little more info on "Wayward Pines" and a few other tidibits to share.

Get Your First Look at the Townsfolk in Wayward Pines

It's been awhile since we've gotten an update on Fox's "Wayward Pines," which is produced by M. Night Shyamalan, but the network has set up a website for the show and released a slew of cast photos along with an expanded synopsis. Dig in!