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First Impressions: ABC's The Gates

"The Gates" is the latest entry in the vampire craze that has overtaken the visual media in recent years, and perhaps unsurprisingly, it brings nothing new to the table.

ABC to Open the First Seventeen Minutes of The Gates

With the popularity of Twilight, "The Vampire Diaries", and "True Blood", it should come as no surprise that the major networks are trotting out their own vampyric soap operas. Premiering this Sunday night at 9/8 Central is ABC's "Desperate Twilight" - sorry, "The Gates", and the network is offering up the first 17 minutes of the show for viewers to sample.

Extended HD Promo for ABC's The Gates

ABC has released a second, slightly longer promo for its upcoming supernatural crime drama "The Gates", which debuts on June 20th. Just by virtue of the fact that Rhona Mitra's in it, I'm willing to give it a shot; here's hoping it fares better than "Happy Town" did!

ABC Ready to Open The Gates June 20th

ABC will be premiering its new supernatural crime drama "The Gates" on June 20th, and along with a teaser promo for the show, we've got the complete cast listing and a synopsis to share.