Get an Insider Look at The Following Ep. 2.13 - The Reaping and a Preview of Ep. 2.14 - Silence

Well, last night dashed our hopes of a Joe/Lily showdown on "The Following," but with just two episodes left, we'll keep tuning in just to see what the twins do next! Here's a preview of next week's Ep. 2.14, "Silence," along with a quick look back at Ep. 2.13, "The Reaping."

See a Half Dozen More Images from The Following Episode 2.13 - The Reaping

"The Following" continues to confound us. It seems like each season starts out promisingly, goes off the rails in the middle, and then comes back around at the end. And here we are near the end of Season 2 with Episode 2.13, "The Reaping," on its way. Will it follow the same pattern?

Get an Insider Look at The Following Ep. 2.12 - Betrayal and a Preview of Ep. 2.13 - The Reaping

Just three episodes remain in Season 2 of "The Following," and we're not about to stop watching after devoting so much time to it. You on board, too? Here's a preview of next week's Ep. 2.13, "The Reaping," along with a quick look back at Ep. 2.12, "Betrayal."

Joe Explains His Beliefs in this New Clip from The Following Episode 2.12 - Betrayal

To get you ready for tonight's Episode 2.12 of "The Following," entitled "Betrayal," Fox has released another clip. In this one Joe (James Purefoy) explains to Emma (Valorie Curry) how religion is responsible for far more bloodshed than he could ever be.

Betrayal Leads to Chaos in this Sneak Peek of The Following Episode 2.12

Our enthusiasm for "The Following" has waned, but not our morbid curiosity as to how the authorities can fuck up next. And with Lily back in the picture, we're game to stick around until the end of the season. If you are too, here are a clip and some photos from Ep. 2.12, "Betrayal."

Get Another Quick Sneak Peek of The Following Episode 2.11 - Freedom

We have just a few more hours to wait for tonight's Episode 2.11 of "The Following," entitled "Freedom," and to help fill the time, Fox has released a new sneak peek, in which a deadly massacre, thought to be sparked by Joe Carroll, leads Ryan and Mike into very dangerous territory.

A Trio of Clips Come Knocking from The Following Episode 2.11 - Freedom

Ryan is uncharacteristically optimistic, Emma and Robert have a heart-to-heart chat, and Carrie and Ryan get interrupted in these three new clips from Monday night's Episode 2.11 of "The Following," entitled "Freedom."

Get an Insider Look at The Following Episode 2.10 - Teacher's Pet

"The Following." Are any of you guys still watching? We are despite the fact that each week has us rolling our eyes at the stupidity of some of the characters. In any event, in this "Insider" look at Episode 2.10, "Teacher's Pet," we hear from the cast and crew.

It's a Deadly Mess in these Images and Preview of The Following Episode 2.11 - Freedom

Last night episode of "The Following" is still on our DVR so we don't have any clever comments about it to share; instead we'll shut up and provide you with a look at next week's Episode 2.11, "Freedom," in which Ryan and Mike find themselves in a deadly mess.

See Several Sneak Peeks of The Following Episode 2.10 - Teacher's Pet

After tonight's episode of "The Following," we'll be two thirds of the way through this season, and we're anxious to see the fallout from last week's reveal as Season 2 wraps up. If you are also, here are four sneak peeks of what's ahead in "Teacher's Pet."

Frankenstein Gets Pushed Back Nine Months by Fox

If there's one thing I'm completely sure of, it's that you should never push around a dude like Frankenstein's monster. And yet, Fox has just done it. Read on to find out the new release date for their adaptation!

Revisit the Scene of the Crime with this Look at The Resurrection of The Following's Joe Carroll

"The Following" is one of those shows we watch more out of obligation than anything else, but there's no denying the appeal of James Purefoy's performance as Joe Carroll. If you're also a fan, then check out this new video that takes a look at his "resurrection."

Paleyfest 2014: What's Ahead in Sleepy Hollow Season 2?

Paleyfest 2014 is currently under way, and earlier this week it was "Sleepy Hollow's" turn to tease what's in store for fans during Season 2. We don't have much for you, but considering how anxious we are for the return of Ichabod, Abbie, and the rest of the gang, we'll take what we can get!

Study New Stills and a Preview of The Following #2.10 - Teacher's Pet; More on This Week's Shocking Ending

Fox released only a few stills from next week's Episode 2.10 of "The Following," entitled "Teacher's Pet," and no, they don't reveal anything else about that shocker of an ending we received this week. But provided you're all caught up, we do have a few more details about it to share...

Fox Reveals a Few Photos and a Promo for The Following Episode 2.09 - Unmasked

We're at the halfway point of "The Following" Season 2, and despite its flaws we're sticking with it until the bitter end. If you're a glutton for punishment also, here are a few stills and a preview of Episode 2.09, "Unmasked."